RNG is awesome and why we need more of it


Good evening/afternoon/morning forums folks,

My name is Gho, i’ve warred with kings and queens and I’ve warred in the bottom fighting over pork N beans

RNG doesn’t sit right for me and it probably does not sit right with you,
it spreads misery and breeds hostility and contempt and further…it places me in hard times

RNG has put HARD TIMES on Gho, you don’t know what hard times are Dahday, Hard times is when you save up all your tapjoy coins and watch all the videos in order to get something that will improve your game but all you get is Axel, dale and peg leg dale,etc etc those are hard times Behbay

Hard times is when you get all the polishes and kits from leveling and can’t hit a single useful crit,
while everybody around you gets all of the crits endlessly, those are hard times Daddy- O

authors note: MAKE OTHER CRITS USEFUL and you know what I mean, if you get a crit and the first thing you do is eye roll and reset, it’s not useful, you can see how many times reset a weapon, so i can imagine you can see the results that get reset the most

Hard times is when RNG decides to activate all those crits against you 10/10 times

Hard times is when your faction finishes high and someone finishes low and you both make your pulls and some computer decides you get your fifth red lee and the lower guy gets Shiva, Those are hard times.

RNG on top of subpar prizes has put hard times on this community and we all are facing hard times together, both spenders and pretenders.


RNG is great, what I really love is how you work hard to get a chance of a prize that you want/need and then 9 times out of 10 you get the worst thing on offer. I particularly enjoy this happening when I have paid for that chance :joy:


RNG is great, it gives opportunity to redirect blame when not giving out what is advertised.

With our RNG with four items visible in a box you would have to give away all four in it at the same rate. Thus missing out on the opportunity of enticing players to pay again and again for a chance at that elusive only item of actual value in the box.


Sounds like you too are facing hard times


I love RNG and being told “I hope RNGesus blesses you with what you’re looking for”. It’s probably one of my top 1 favorite things.


Increased odds of me endorsing this thread.


What is RNG?


Rigged Numbers Game

Not really, just feels that way.

Random Number Generator, I think. I may be wrong though so don’t quote me.


You sir are correct, RNG is the reason I am now suffering from my condishtion, I have fought this very battle against RNGJESUS for a millenia #STAYBROKE


Sounds like a good group to get behind #staybroke

I like it, but scopely will keep it for the game to #staybroke.


I remember someone posting the pull results of the 4 crates he got from turning in his red plastic parts (yes, that map that got everyone screwed over)… and got the SAME WEAPON in every crate. RNG my ass. Take a look for yourself:


Thats brutal, glad i didnt farm for red plastic… didnt have time to though.


I find it very hard to believe that it is random. Must be fixed odds and very long ones at that…


I think odds are random, but they’re weighted so far toward the “worst” outcome, that they feel predetermined.

People NEED to understand that if there’s 4 items in a bag, that does NOT mean there’s a 25% chance of getting each item.

The expectation should always be the worst outcome, which is the guarantee, so to speak. When making the valuation, you’re paying for a guaranteed worst outcome, and the remainder is the amount required to pull the lever at a chance for something better…


Random number generator.


You‘re right. In feeling and thinking.


I whole heartedly agree Gho.
I am about to hit lvl125, and get the final 25 kits and tape rewards.

I have used all tapes/kits rewards from hitting lvl110, 115 and 120 (PLUS those from events and lucky disassembles) and received just one AbsDef weapon. Around 30 impair fails, and many many red/green stun fails.

I honestly feel like walking away if I don’t get something from these 25 rewards. I know this is the game and what it’s built on, but the effort put in to get these things only to see complete crap in return is too much.

Funnily enough, I’m too scared to upgrade slots 2&3 on my absdef weapon, as I know Earl will screw me again. I only ever craft with 30% crit bonus from both territories, and using both items, and yet… you know how it goes.


RNG is great because

  1. Spender need hundreds for chars (thousand for line up), if RNG is not there toons are cheap you will face dozen of “meta” line up which are exactly same.
  2. F2p have chance, several of first pull 5* in my clone accounts, few more with factionmate with promo in first 10 pull.


I wish some that the employees who code the RNG were always getting their wages based on the monstrosity they created. Have a feeling it would get more “resonable” then :wink:


This is a highly contradictory statement. For something to be truly random, weighted odds would not exist. I think that’s the biggest gripe about it. It’s misleading and deceptive when they promote RNG, but they don’t disclose the odds of getting a certain item.

I guarantee if Scopely disclosed these odds, their pockets wouldn’t be as full. They use that illusion of randomness to get people to try more than they normally would had they known prior.