Rng in level up milestones?

even if it is said earned I currently didn’t receive my latest milestone reward in my inbox, it been 2 hours ago that I’m waiting so I stopped leveling up and tried to contact support but seems I can’t open a ticket… Is there any other way to contact support since I have too many issues idk who to address to, so what r my chances to get that milestone rewards?

I am certain I missed out on getting a milestone the other day as well, I wasn’t really paying attention, so am not 100% sure, but I am certain that when I hit the 800000 milestone the reward never arrived in my inbox, it was after I used a Ring to promote Yellow Martinez.

Sorry this is no help at all, but I feel your pain.

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So it happened again! I used Rings and mile stone reward never came to my in box, but… when I went to the road map, I had more torches. So I got the reward, it just automatically went to my inventory and not my inbox, maybe this happened to you as well.

Exact same thing happened to me, where i didn’t get my milestone that i crossed using veterans rings. Had to fight with support to get it. They know about the issue, but like most, i fully expect it will be ignored.

So just a warning to all, don’t use Veterans rings if you will cross a milestone with them. Level normally til you get it, then use the rings.

Mine came through this morning

Happened to me as well in the last LU, after using 30 rings it never registered on the leaderboard but showed as a personal lvl up score, with 10m on the clock I waited for 5 more minutes (with lots of huhh, whatt, wtfs and bruhs) did a normal lvl up on a random toon and everything registered.