Rng has always been the worst part of this game

Since I began playing this game near when it first started rng in events has been my biggest source of disappointment and the largest factor which has fostered negative game talk amongst my faction mates. I genuinely think without it we would have all been 100% happy with the game and far more forgiving of the frequent mistakes.
This new token event is an example of the worst of the worst of this imo:

  1. The cost of the roadmaps is too high to begin but the wheel is where the real problem lies.
  2. If there are 10 items in a prize wheel there should be a 1 in 10 chance of pulling any of the items on offer. However, experience has taught us that thos is not the case and only a small number of people will pull the best rewards. The majority will get the worst prize available. This means that many of my faction mates simply can’t be bothered to out in the effort and waste the energy for the worst prizes on offer that they most likely will end up with.
  3. This particular event is the worst imaginable example of rng because there is the loaded wheel to begin with and then a second level of rng which decides which prize within those crates you will actually end up with. Again experience tells us that 9 times out of 10 it will be the worst or lowest value item in that crate.
    If you want excitement and to increase particiaption and satisfaction within the game this is the first thing you should fix. We all originally downloaded and played the game mainly because we are fans of the show and we like strategy games. Not because we wanted to gamble for rewards in the game.