Rise To War Turn In - Which Side Will You Pull?


I’m torn, haven’t decided yet.

Stash has yielded all good stuff for me, included three items of T4 gear

Did a 10 pull and got some sweet sweet camping stoves…

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After Rick, I did a 7 from the 2nd stash and 6 from the wheel. Got about the same. Whatever I get from here on out I’m gonna chance it on the wheel. I want that .01% chance for one of those bags. :wink:

I got 6x :strong: gear early on but everything after was :poop: so I did 20 pulls in stash and didnt regret it.

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The wheel has been total trash for me. I wish I had just done the 2nd stash. Much better stuff in there. Good luck with whatever you decide :+1:

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I got 2 liliths a 10k pack of 5* tokens and a bunch of garbage from the wheel after i pulled my rick from stash. I’d go wheel, a 6pack of helmets/whetstones etal is better than 1 of one of them especially for 3 times the cost.

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2nd stash all the way for me. I dont trust rng cause it always let’s me down. I’d rather get 1 piece of t4 6 star gear than 70 pieces of elite gear which is what I’ll end up with from the wheel.

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what rip off event not one tier 4 6 star bag almost every pull was 3 star trainer box and few 6 star ar boxes i dint need

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23 pulls will maybe get 2-3 more. No clue how anyone could finish the stash. Won 3 solos and every faction event plus 20k raids week 3 and all tickets.