Rise to Power Week 3


Rise to Power Week 3 tickets are dropping but the boards have not updated yet or moved on. Is this on purpose? Nor has the week 3 annoucment come out. Is it safe to move around without effecting week 2 score? and start collecting week 3’s tickets before the board is active?

@kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @CombatMan


Thanks for the head’s up! Did this happen last week too? I feel like they came out pretty quick then too.


How is the week already over? What the duck


This didnt happen last week.


No it did not happen last week.


Please don’t screw this up.


Don’t think it was possible last week… There was no tournament with badges for milestones on Friday.


While this event has still been a mess, I am enjoying it much more than other recent events especially the Thanksgiving one and the Anniversary one.


Raids stopped dropping 1/2 badges at the same time… so thats a nice surprise for those of us with 89/100 on a turn in.


Lol how you doin


Thank you! Was just checking – I remember seeing them early – and you’re absolutely right, wasn’t a tournament issue – was a faction locking issue. Thank you everyone!


Any issues with drops going on? Have someone dropped 15 cans in tourney hasn’t gotten one single ticket. Seems like something is bugged for him.


There’s been an event running called Rise to Power? Can’t say I’ve noticed. But seriously, has there?