Rise to Power scores


I have a question about the scores. The maximum number of chips that could be obtained through tournaments and maps was 505. If we multiply that by 30 members, it gives us 15150. Why are there factions with more points in the standings? The only thing that occurs to me is that there have been changes in the factions, but from what I read in the forum, the factions were going to be blocked during the whole event.


The boards have been very glitchy from the beginning. On the weekend we were first with 30 points over the maximum then ended up 35 over max today and a few other groups got even more along the way. Ended up third. @kalishane any comments on the leaderboards being looked into? Seems to be some counting errors going on.


People were able to move as long as there wasn’t a regular faction event underway. So if when a person left (possibly after turning in Badges for Power Tokens) their badge count stayed with the faction where they were earned. Before the leaderboard disappeared it looked like all of the top spots were within 150 of the 15,150 possible maximum.