Rise to Power Rick - f2p?

Anyone know if the rick is going to be attainable through F2P?

Assuming you hit all milestones for markers he should be.

I have my doubts


Since it appears each week of the event has its’ own collectible and conversion rate it is hard to judge how many power tokens will be ultimately available. Best advice is to sit on those tokens until the final week of the event to judge the best use of them.

It will be sad if the turn in never becomes farmable. This first week only offered everyone a shot at the same # of badges (505 x 30= 15,150). If you check the leaderboards the top factions have slightly over 15,150 which can be explained by players joining faction to earn badges after others left who had already earned some. This opens them to gaming for the sharpest factions.

Putting the collectibles in farmable maps or dropping them from raids would certainly open up the competition and rewards the more active factions, not just those who can juggle players in & out the best.


Those tickets are supposed to go with the player not stay with the faction like FA tickets. At least that’s how it’s supose to be.

So tell us scopely, htf do factions have more then the max???

I believe the Power Tokens (received from museum turn-in) travel with the player, the collectible items (Alexandria Badges, etc) stay with the faction where they were earned.


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I thought so until I saw war rewards or milestones had no tokens. Now I’m thinking we will end up having to spend on between 2 and 5 pulls worth of tokens. No way to be sure yet though.

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I believe that screenshot is just saying your badge count for leaderboard stays the same even after you redeem them. Don’t believe it had anything to do with whether they stayed with faction or with player should the player leave said faction.

Edit to add this: shane answered about if they moved with you.

Seriously am doubting it as well. Only was i see it happening is you have to do well as a faction as far as milestones go. If you are in 3rd or 4th in community and not top 10 in faction you may not hit it. Be closer then people think.

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And what exactly is Kalishane’s historical accuracy record?


The only tokens that your faction directly affects are the leadboard rewards, the calculation above is based on if you come dead last on all possible faction leaderboards.

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I know not everyone will do what I am doing, but I am saving all my power tokens until the last day of the rise to power stash, and if I have enough to do 32 pulls then I will go for rick, if I don’t have enough then I will go for gear. Have faith in yourselves and do a good job and get all the badges and power tokens you can and wait until the last day, then decide. That is just my advice and I hope that it is helpful in some way to someone. I have enough to do 5 pulls so far, but I am not even tempted to do any pulls right now. I have received all the badges possible too.


Doing the same after having done 2 pulls and the tokens not being so freely avaliable so far, erring on the side of caution tbh. If I get Rick cool, if not I’ll just take a stab at the gear wheel.

After the rewards come in from RTP I will have done 10/32 pulls for Rick. So yeah, Rick should be able to be acquired by FTP.

so i want to know exactly how you have done 10 pulls so far when i only have enough to do 5? i have obtained all badges and turned them in and i haven’t missed any and I would like to hear how many pulls others have done so far themselves? oh, you are saying after the rewards have come in from RTP, but how many have you done so far? only 5 right?

I’m pretty sure I’ve hit every milestone and I can only do 3 pulls right now? Not sure what I missed

sorry, but you missed something. i dont cheat or hack and have been doing everything honestly and reaching the milestones and doing the roadmaps and I have got enough for 5 pulls total.

Yes, this

I’m sitting at 5 opens, is that right?

I have 5 opens and 5 left over badges from week 1. Week 2 started with badges dropping in raids. I did 6 raids got 2 badges 1 on 2 raids. Thats not an overwhelming number to consider trying to farm badges.