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Make new friends and fight your old ones! Form precarious alliances with factions in rival regions in our all-new community event, Rise to Power. In each week of this month-long event, factions will be placed into one of four communities:

But watch your back, because rotating communities means your allies one week could become fierce enemies in the next!

Rise to the top of our new Community Leaderboard by earning Community Badges in events such as tournaments, roadmaps and more. Each week, rank rewards will be given to Communities and Factions.
Every Community Badge you earn not only contributes to your score, but is also redeemable in the Museum for Power Tokens which lead to even more awesome rewards*.

Path to Power: The Choice Is Yours

Use your Power Tokens to unlock the Rise to Power Stash OR redeem them in the Rise to Power Token Wheel!

Complete Rise to Power Stash I for all NEW Ascendable Rick. Once you have him, unlock and complete Rise to Power Stash II for Rick’s weapon


If you choose to use your Power Tokens in the Rise to Power Token Wheel, you have chances to get loads of Legendary Gear, Legendary Trainers and MORE!

*Badges redeemed for Power Tokens are NOT removed from faction/community scores

**Rise to Power Leaderboard updates every 15 minutes.

**Waistpack is an error – it should be the Waist Toolpack – a fix will be going in soon. :slight_smile:

**Your faction was placed in one of 4 communites, check the in-game Leaderboard under “Rise to Power” to see where you and your factions rank!

**The locking will be the normal procedure – when in a Faction event you will be locked, when not in a Faction event – you will be free to move.

**Faction events will lie at the end of the week to prevent moving when scores are being finally locked in.

**When you move factions, your points go with you.


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