"Rise to Power" New 6* ideas


So with this new event “Rise to Power” coming lets suggest this: what if they have new “Promo” 6s coming because of this picturefc99ccb334878b3483be40595bee096cbaa2ea4e_1_500x500
I’m sure we can agree it could happen but i would like to think the 5
toons are all the “All out War” versions of that toon :slight_smile: look here
:thekingdom: Ezekiel :thekingdom:

:thehilltop: Maggie :thehilltop:
:saviors: Negan :saviors:
:survivors: Rick :survivors:
This is my ideas just want to my thoughts out there to yall comment if you have a question.


Your picture didnt show up =/


Sorry was still editing :slight_smile: should be up now


Maybe the unreleased 6 stars from Albert’s promise will “rise to 6* status”.


Do you really think they will be 5 * old? and not premier? jajajjajaja you are new I think


There’s a wheel involved, well that’s what I would imply based on the sight if tokens. I wouldn’t bet on seeing a wheel with 4 never before seen characters.


scopely does not have a heart, I think it will be more than one wheel, it’s more maybe 5, one with those coins to unlock emblems or something like that in the museum


Thanks @Donald_Sharp


We need a 6 star Connor


No i said “Promo” dont read to fast :wink:


I’m assuming that Dante is premier… Rick may be on the wheel though.


Qué tal nuevos personajes??? ! VK,
ha filtrado a DANTE


my bad <3


these filtered, all rise to power, hopefully they have more toons, as expected from the lovers of the melee team and no team ranged


Wheel and stash can choose between basically wheel gives gear stash gives Rick