RIse to power faction lock

Thanks so much for not providing this info before blitz war and being stuck now in a weapon faction for a week. Thanks again a lot!


Wouldn’t matter if it had been before blitz as you cant leave until rewards drop form the faction level up and that didn’t happen till after blitz war started

Ugh i just asked this, we should’ve been told!


That’s what you get for faction hopping. Good job Scopely. I hope you’re not from hilltop though. :sweat_smile:




Would have had to be told on Tuesday. Its not a big deal

Well I’ve got an unfortunate person who’s all alone in his fac lol but probably wouldnt have helped being told anyway with how he got stuck there alone right before fac event, just feel bad for him.

Poor guy

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We got rewards 3 min before war and had time but they started war early and got screwed. We should of been told a day before and when it was starting. This complete bull

The 8 day lock is pretty shitty with no warning it was coming.


Who in the world keeps on flagging everybody they disagree with?


They never seem to be able to anticipate issues like this. When they had back to back faction events they responded to the complaints by providing more time between future events. Why can’t they see this produces the same issue?

And why hide the nature of the event until it is underway? This isn’t the Manhattan Project, a couple of days notice isn’t going to endanger national security.


I will update the thread!

You have a chance to move from when Blitz War ends and Faction Raid begins tomorrow.

The locking will be the normal procedure – when in a Faction event you will be locked, when not in a Faction event – you will be free to move.

Faction events will lie at the end of the week to prevent moving when scores are being finally locked in.

I hope this helps!

We are updating the FAQ.


Leave him in his “crafting faction” Its what the people who form an alliance to hold the crit terfs deserve.


wow… its not like was temp player in my faction am in now well done on that too.

So points you earn toward the “rise to power” event move with you or stay with the faction you were in when you earned them?

Yea what if a faction has 30 memebers and kicks one for another… how does that work with the scoring?

Are the rewards for war gonna come out before raids that’s why I’m stuck in our weapon faction right now cause lvl up rewards came 7min after war started.

If raids start an hour after blitz ends, people will still be screwed
And how will this affect community scoring if the faction a player moves to is in a different community?
What a mess…

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that sounds very selfish and childish of you. these factions are there for anyone to join and craft weapons and then leave right away. in my region we do that also and you have a 30 minute time limit to craft and get out so you aren’t taking up space for too long. I can see that you do not support this idea at all and the whole region should be screwed and no 1 faction should hold those armory bonus territories. don’t you want the best possible chances to succeed at what you are crafting? you just want the rest of the region to always lose to top factions? what you are saying sounds like what someone in a rank 1 faction would say, plus you are taking the thread off topic with your comment, which led me to comment on your comment and further take this thread off topic.