Rise to Power Event

So from the looks of it we can get ascendable Rick through this event and his weapon. Anyone know if we’ll have an opportunity to get other 6* toons besides Rick? If not, is Rick worth it?

Not sure just yet, but I like the look of rick. To me, he’s going to hit like 6* ty


Well considering melee needed a f2p heavy hitting 6* Rick aint bad nor is his lead skill wish it was for all melee doe not just fast


Rick is definitely need in the game to spice up yellows as that department has not had it as great as the other traits of six stars in the game. 1) hit hard and quick. 2)leaderskill can come in great aid for anymore future yellows on offense and am quite interested to see how I could reck things up with jousha with a heavy crit weapon and a 35 raider level 3 special on range teams. 3) he is a great giveaway so I would pick him up over gear that isnt doing anything special ok defense just makes attacking a bit more smoother.


Wheres his player card?





If only his leader skill was all melee teams get 40% attack and huge bonus to AP when attacking, that’d be a game changer. His leader skill is only useful on all fast teams. Hm?


I agree that Fast trait was lacking a proper offensive character.

Rick delivers on all the right departments. Very high attack, a fast and hard hitting AR and a powerful Leader skill. Active skill is a bit meh, but it doesn’t matter.

We are yet to see his weapon, but I can guess that it will be an attack oriented one with +30% attack already, perhaps +10% hp and a level 3 special like life steal or something.

I just ust want to know if we are going to get matched with the regions that we normally get matched in CRW or new ones. And are we going to choose our first colony or is RNG going to dictate that.

From what I know, each week we are going to get assigned to a new colony, with new factions.

I’m can’t help to feel excited about this event. Let’s hope all goes well!


That’s to counter all the blue heavy defences with Garrett, Tyreese, Alpha, Dwight and so on.

Like back in the day when they started to release hard hitting yellows to counter the Andrea heavy teams.

If his leader skill was all melee he would most probably be a premier recruits character.


I would be surprised if they gave a toon of this caliber for free to be honest. He seems like the premier toon to pull for when the even comes out.

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Will have to see his weapon before I make a decision

it would e great if you could choose one of 4 survivors as a reward. it would diversify the rosters that we keep seeing in raids

@kalishane are we going to get info on how this event works? Or what the point of it is?

There are some pretty good details here:

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The Rick stash says Rise to power 1 so there might be more. If there are going to be more than one they need to drop these power tokens like crazy. You need 32k for Rick and from what I’m seeing that’s very overlooked as the rewards only give little for everyone outside of top 10

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The second stash is for his weapon

It’s hard to tell from the screenshot but it looks like 100 power tokens per stash pull not 1,000. I could be wrong though

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Correct, it also says power tokens will be available from museum collections

You’re right. 3,200 is still a little much imo. These collections should provide more than enough hopefully

I can finally make a all 6* yellow attack team with all abs def equipped… rick is nice