Rise to Power event is ugh


6 days left on the collection in the museum. 100 turn ins. No sign of any other ways to get the badges yet? Of course they’re not all going to freemium but damn this event had no explanation or anything. Seems pretty lack luster and doesn’t contain any engagement with the factions in each community… boring.


That’s only 5 days left in the week bud, not the event. Once the days run out players will be assigned to new territory powers. This is a month long event so hope this helped you. Each week of the event players have a week to gain points. No worries, if you grind, you’ll get Rick or your gear from the wheel.


When did I ever say there’s 6 days of the event? There’s 6 days for the ‘collection’ in the museum


Sorry sir was trying to help. It’ll refresh with a new power icon anyways. You’ll still have whatever you previously had.


There will be other collections though. I doubt there would just be one collection and be over.


Unless they put it up for sale soon, won’t be possible to get even close to a 100 openings. Baseline everyone even wants is 8 per week to get Rick. Even that if you rank in the bottom so far isn’t reachable. War or additional maps during the week may change that.