RIP to Bulloch. Dominated by Russians


Why are Russians coming to a English speaking region. We rebuilt the region, now the fkers have just ruined everything. Global chat isn’t even English anymore


You had it easy before then I assume? Welcome to competition.


Looks like a low rep region.




Because everyone wanted those transfers now everyone has to do deal with it.

The whales are free and on the hunt and they are hungry for easy prey*.

  • That’s f2p regions and players in case you weren’t sure.


Rep doesn’t mean crap. We dropped as low as 6th and we still came in first for both AOW’s and even the blitz with a huge whale faction that moved in last week. Caught them when they were sleeping and never let up from there.


Sure. Rep doesn’t mean crap but it can be a factor when regions are looking to transfer. That Russian faction was prob a 2nd or 3rd one in their region and they might have saw this as a weak region. Not always the case but can be an indicator of activity.


They took our jobs!!


Its a indicator of activity in like first 6 months when a new region starts, after that lot of ppl stops raiding


Pft you get to participate in a re-enactment of rocky 4 the greatest film I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen 2 whole movies, the other being the terrible citizen Kane bleh


They’re looking for collusion :joy::joy:


Questionable. My faction has over 2 million rep in a 3 year old region so… I agree it’s not the best indicator. But it is an indicator. If I’m looking for an easier region, I’m going to the one that has 900,000 instead of 2 million…


lol it’s cuz everybody left the region, russians are trying to repopulate




Russian meddling?image




Don’t comment on this post if you’re going to be one of those unpopular kids who like to hate no matter what the topic is.


Leaked images of the Russians coming to your region


F2p come to Barrow


Ok cool. I’ll be bringing my entire faction of prestige 13 whales