Rip Stan Lee =(

Way off topic, but rip to the king of comics who made most of us nerds.


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Marvel war theme this weekend!

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He was the shit.
Rip one of the most badass guys ever.

Damn. Just, damn. Excelsior, Mr. Lee! You taught us all to dream big! RIP.

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RIP Stan. A True legend. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Who is he?

My heart hurts hearing that. RIP to a good man and creative soul.

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Guy behind tons of Marvel characters.
like spiderman, x-men, etc.

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just having this here rip stan

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Guy made alot of kids happy over the years, he will be missed


Sad day. RIP

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Fack I had a 4 hour nap and now this shit.

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Welp that was boring nevermind

rip Stan Lee thx for introducing me comics

A part of my life since childhood…RIP Stan the man!

Epic rap battles of history: Stan Lee vs Jim Henson. It made my heart happy to listen to again. It’s not really Stan, but if you use some imagination, lol.

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