RIP Diamond Knife

RIP Diamond Shop and Diamond Knife.

Unadvertised reward. What a Great Design,
Add the reward the only time you can’t “work to gain it”


It was earned…


It was only there as a promotion for season 1 ending, just like the guy said above me.


Its incentive to do well in season 2. It was added end of season so people see that there will be additional rewards end of season.


It’s rubbish anyway you missed nothing


Once again people feel the need to pile on… however they neglect to read the most important word in your post, “unadvertised”. What is this publishers clearing House?

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Once again people don’t seem to read their inbox messages and instantly delete them. Nice try.


Sending out something to your inbox about 5 hours BEFORE the rewards are given is not properly advertised. They should have announced this reward at the beginning of the season… Not at the end after all the points were locked or there was no way to improve your standing.

Again… “unadvertised”.

It would be the equivalent of them creating a roadmap and about 20 minutes before they remove the roadmap, they send an email saying anyone who completes the roadmap gets a free 4s weapon.

Yes, they announced it but it was an afterthought.

They didn’t want everyone fighting to get into Diamond (even though they would have made way more money). They rewarded those who were in Diamond for all those hours they played and etc. I doubt they even thought they would be giving that out before the end of the season.

Silly post because half the people barely understand or pay attention to the game

Where is the platinum knife ?

Damn it. I Just realized its gone from the store. I pushed hard to platinum V, and now im top of diamond I just because i was in the stupid belief that i will unlock that yellow impair weapon after this week. Lmao. Lots of wasted cans and time. Great trick. They said limited time, but didn’t said how long… And didn’t checked in past 2 days. Im sooo disappointed…its So scopely, and my typical luck

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Um… How were you tricked exactly?

Congratulations on finishing season 1…

Therefor it was. Fairly clear it was a season 1 reward…

The league store overlap with division of season 2 was clearly so players could spend the league tokens they earned during the last week of season 1 on season 1 rewards.

Maybe it’s just me but none of this seems unclear.


During the seeding period the store only said
its available if you reach solo diamond. It doesn’t said how long or when. So i thought i can still have it if i push. I totally missed that part that its only an end reward. Probably my mistake, but it wasn’t so obvious… I saw what I wanted to saw. Still disappointed. There were no reason to remove it

Diamond knife in season store is uncertain :joy:

Probably my mistake


it wasn’t so obvious

Yes it was

I saw what I wanted to saw

I saw what i wanted to SEE

There were no reason to remove it

Yes there was

Diamond knife in season store is uncertain :joy:

Diamond knife in season store was certain
Bridget on forums is uncertain

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


at the beginning of leagues, there was mention about a finishing reward. it just never said what it was.

If you didnt participate in leagues, then everyone understands, but why should one all of a sudden deserve such rewards?

Almost everyone I know understood that it was a reward for placement at the end of season 1. If you didnt get there, you didnt get there. Why make such a fuss over it.

If you know me, I’m the farthest thing from a scopely fan boy, but in this instance, I don’t see anything wrong with any of the communication or distribution of the season end bonus.

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