Rinse and repeat

Noon central time


Really? That’s this weekends event rewards

Those prizes make me super excited for the weekend!!! To not bother with this game or this level up.


Unfortunately yes

Yea pretty much

Dropped the ball on another weekend event, awesome


You weren’t kidding about the rinse repeat holy moly


another pointless level up all my 5s are max all my 6s and maxed at tier 3 there’s also two stuck at tier 2 with lack of gear How boring

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The personal milestones for these things should be on a weeklong cooldown, and exist outside of the tournament itself.


Omg they dont even do a try to change something. Exact same rewards and thats not the first time last week. Yeah someone will take it to the team…:roll_eyes:

Great rewards, I would be very excited about them but we have today beans and potatoes so I can’t overexcite myself.

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Also there is a faction lvl up strait after this one. Scopely :moneybag: spinning.

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This way Scopely won’t recieve the Player Respect they say they deserve.


lol ole dude who kept getting banned last week was right


Don’t worry,

LiveOps is listenning!

We hear you. And we want to get there. We will keep iterating based on your feedback. Things take time. But they are ramping up. I have a document.


Indeed, they always feel our pain for crappy events, I usually imagine them fixing stuff in game like this http://mrwgifs.com/south-park-comcast-character-nipple-rub/

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How about instead of putting bags of gear where we have that horrible (non-farmable) gear map popping up every day and instead putting in gear bags as progression rewards of weapons turrets, practice dummies and the other things we need to tier our 6s to tier 4?? Instead give us more stuff we can get during the week. :thinking::thinking::thinking:. Is it laziness or just the fact that Scopely wants to part you from your $$$ to buy gear you should be able to get from events??