Rings . Scopley please more rings

Well you know what I mean .
Rings now are exclusive for wave 1 whales only

Since somehow I end up in loop where I can’t get any Ring for weeks.

We need league and Areana to go back to the old System .

Or provide us other ways to get Rings


:100: only way I get them now is burning 50 arena tokens, not good

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also this, ive never been able to snag a ring other than by getting the 1 you get from a week of arenas.


Aye, i agree with you. Vet rings ain’t a new thing anymore, nor are they that big of a deal. They should give us more ways to earn them outside of Arenas.


What you have to do is deliberately stay down in leagues for as many weeks as it takes until you find arenas you can compete in. Good luck

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This is the answer, sadly.


This is what I’m going to start doing, but that was the guaranteed way to NOT be able to get the S-class hero. Willie was set up to only be awarded for progressing up to Platinum in the leagues. You had the choice to go for rings or go for the character-not both.

Something tells me that we’ll get the same “Catch-22” for the next league season.

Now you need 90 instead of 60 which is annoying.

About time Scopely did something about this. Oh, and gear cost, wtf!?

If you play your cards right you can do both.

I stayed down twice, bagged some arena and league rings, coins and armory gear, and I’ll probably end up in d2.

Of course, your mileage may vary. I’d say I was a comfortable d1-d2ish player in the old system.

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That is, if you really want to bag the Jason… Personally, I refuse to half-ass my game, so I ended up in P3 and maybe will get to D1 at the end.

If I had to work hard to promote to P3, I would aim for the 6k Jason cards on a single condition only - there would be a 3 to 1 trade with another toon’s cards…

Need them especially when weekly missions require us to use them. Pretty hard to use something that is very unobtainable for most.

Unfortunately not all players can do that.
I can’t let my faction down in war / raid tournaments


Raids don’t get you much in terms of solo trophies. War generates a fair whack though, depending on your activity.

League weeks are heavily biased around arenas. So just throw enough arenas or skip em until you get the desired results.

SR tourneys are a good skip. They are boring and have bad rewards usually.

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This totally, if you play the game it’s pretty hard to stay away long enough to not get promoted at the start

Hell I havent got any rings in a month or so cause of arenas

4 entries in arenas grants a milestone ring, 10 entries a second one. If you manage to place top30 (domination) you also get one ring in
each of the 5 normal arenas. 7entries grants you a golden ticket to championship arena, where you are guaranteed at least one choicebox with 3 rings in it.

So every week you can earn 5 rings even if all you do is hit and flee… with the expense of 3 tickets.
Normal arenas are free entry, you earn one ticket from 2 entries. So even if you’re flat broke, you can get 1 ring each week and 3 extra every other week using the milestone tickets to get the golden one… if you do play in earnest and win most duels (pick weak opponents) you should get some tickets to drop from the battle results. 1.4M level up milestones also grant tickets…


Hard to get 4 entries when I dont spend money to get tickets cause this new season took all mine at the beginning I also mainly get 800k in level up cause of not having trainers but lately with total war event and stuff I’ve had a few to hit higher ms but getting a few rings each week is bs ot will take a year to max ring a toon esp sclass

Umm, first entry to each of the basic 5 arenas is free… don’t tell me you can’t afford a free entry???

5 Rings a week. You need 90 or 95 (not sure yet) to nax Vet a S Class. So f2p have to wait 18 weeks to full max Vet a S Class. Then that Char is almost out dated. That’s a ridicoules small amount. Myself got no Probs with that. Got almost 550 Rings now and Max Vet a lot of my S Class. But common 18 weeks??! They should make Rings easier to warn in some way or just in other Events. Like give 5 Rings for reaching max Ms in lvl up or something like that…