Rings only for top10 in domination mode

Tell me Scopely how i can make more than 25k points here to get ONE ring?

Of course no way to do it. Use next ticket? Ooooh I did that many times in past arenas and what? Never could score more than my first score.
I dont say that Im always under top10 because I was in top10 maybe 3-4 times but even then I was pissed about this reward structure.
One ring should be obligatory for everyone who take part in domination and did full 5 hits!
Rings only for 10people is a BIG joke and you show us how much you dont respect us.
Do you think at all there? Imagine that with one ring or a complete change of the rewards system you can only profit? Our satisfaction, our respect, but most importantly FOR YOU - MONEY.
Give people reason to play and have fun and in time you will see more bought offers, subscriptions, etc.
I was thinking about SC for one month but NO.
After what you did with champions arena and zero changes in weekly arenas and other things in game - no. No my money for you.
You want to please only a small percentage of your players, and nothing else for the rest. Every event - same problems. A great strategy, really…
Of course give to people who spend more but dont forget about ftp.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @ForumAdmin @TayTron

Please take it to your boss and tell him: More happy players - more money


I hope some people will agree with me :+1:


Just need to offer rings in an alternative way, roadmaps, milestones. Having them locked behind rank rewards in an RNG-dependent tourney is very poor for the health of fair competition


Scopely seems to be unable to understand this

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Fair haha…

Lol, you’re the first. In a vacuum, assume you have fair competition, this alone would destroy it still

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Yes in other events too but we also need more rewards for rank/milestone. With so many items and collections, 3 slots is not enoug

You’ll just barely manage to get over 25k I think if you pick the top 5 scorers and do them in order from lowest score to highest without losing a single toon in any of the battles :slight_smile:

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Interesting restructure to suggest, but maybe now necessary if the next class of toon is based on collectables.

Butchered this. ^That is to @RamirezInf

@ThatOberlinFeel, I personally got 29k this time because I tried the ascending target method, but others in my fac did the same and only got 20k, it is RNG dependent I believe

Do you do that if you get the burt glitch and get 2 points per battle? :smirk:

I did the math before this post. 24 244 max what i could get there

Arena isn’t built on fairness. If the opponent doesn’t put a good defense you don’t earn well. If you put a good defense they can get profit off of you

It has nothing to do with arena defense. Its all stupid RNG and still :poop: rewards below rank10. 50+ players get nothing for their time and efforts

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Tbh top ten only is perfectly fine … in regards to after you’re placed in the correct division. Bigger pool of people should have a bigger pool of prizes.

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