Rings now or shells to get raulito now

I have 4 boxes choose rings, shotgun shells, so on. Would it be worth passing on rings in efforts to getting S-Class toon. I can get raulito if I take the shotgun shells then I need to save for another raulito

I would get Raulito personally.


I would take the rings and just get Raulito in a couple days from doing the daily s class map.

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Rings no brainers return is way too low on those boxes for items.

You can get shells from other ways but only get rings from arena

Rings. Always rings.
4 boxes is 12 rings which is 20% of maxing a 6* promotion or 14% of maxing an s-class’s promotion.
4 boxes is 100 s-class items which is 1% of an s-class toon.

And u have free road maps for the s-class items


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