Rings are gone! How will we get gear to upgrade Legends?


Rings ended, so what is next and when? How do we get gear to upgrade our legends? Just events? Please let us know when your coming out with the next museum event to get legend gear.


Even better would be a weekly farmable map.


Probably another gear event


And another sub-par pain split toon.


I would say another event like the last two


I believe there was about a 4 week break between the ring event and the one like it previously. So I would assume we’ll see the next one around the start of October. Probably collecting candy for a Halloween theme. Or since they have been 2 month events we might be back to turkey heads for Thanksgiving.


definately same like this diamond ring collection again please


Used abraham to ascend dante lol


The shop in Leagues sells Legend gear… so maybe no more give away events. We’ll see.



I need canteen so bad… put canteen on milestones please :sweat_smile:


Wow buy all the gear you need1532029696054


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