Rings and Arean changes!

So first of all we all know what’s the problem .
We’ve seen some good update to the game recently but league and Areana are definitely not one of them .
I mean WTF scopley . You said based on players feedbacks and bla bla bla …
We will increase the amount of gold since it’s the only place to get coins from for f2p .
Well guess what scopley I didn’t get any gold in the last few weeks not from Areana or league .
Cause somehow I found myself in competition with 5000 players .
Is this the major improvement you were talking about . No coins no Rings no nothing

And of course it’s all based on players feedbacks right?

And just after you make sure no f2p will get any coins you improve the quality of things you can get from gold (the last black market diamond tokens) …
So all of this are exclusive for whales .
No matter how you hold to your gold as f2p you will never be able to do anything with it cause except tapjoy offers there’s absolutely no other way to get coins if you’re a f2p .
By the way tapjoy coins aren’t free (at least from scopley point of view)

lost a couple brain cells reading this not gonna lie.



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