Ringpower/Veteran Spreadsheet updated

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Dear Forum members,

I’ve been reading the forum, and many people dont know what the best toon is to level. So i created a spreadsheet with the toons i could find on my own and some faction members roster.
There will be base stats (LV90)/(LVL150) on it and than 2nd column is with 10 rings 3th column with 20th rings and 4th Column with 30 rings. I would ask you guys if you have toons that are not on it, or know some figures to give them to me. I think we can help the community a lot with this spreadsheat.


Thanks for taking the time and sharing this.

Just makes it clearer how rings will widen the gap :persevere:


that all depends on toons aswell.

well funny thing is if you look the end the total power toons get is that some F2P grow strong. if i don’t mention S- Class.

Grow the strongest in Total strength

It’s who gets rings vs who doesn’t. Using exactly same teams, the one with rings will destroy the one without. Before there was no gap between them, now they created one… So much for closing the gap lol

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your right in this one, especially i takes a big dive in strenght after level 20 rings

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I would highly recommend collaborating with LadyGeek on this as she’s working on the exact same thing. There’s a Line group set up too.



Are defensive and support toons like Alice worth investing Veteran Rings on? Or is it better to stick to offensive toons instead?

The idea is to promote all toons…but I would focus on a toon you use the most & I would start on offense for now.


yes but in the end there some big differences at level 30 for example Yellow revive tyrese will get 1485 extra points from 30 rings Michelle will get 1760

Awesome spreadsheet!
As was said, LG & others are working along similar goals. I’m sure they will reach out.

Brightest point that popped out was how S-Class Pete has DOUBLE the base stats of others. Ouch

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I haven’t used any rings yet, but my thought is to use them on whoever you use the most. Alice is my attack toon but I don’t put her on defense. Plus on attack she’s behind a shield anyways and she’s not a damage dealer, so I wouldn’t use the rings on her.

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thats due to the fact that they made him LVL 150

Thank you for making this

I’m pretty sure we can get a formula to figure out all the stats. I’d love to see the info you’ve collected so far to help prove out my theory.

I’m not quite done with tracking every toon, but this is a pretty good cross-section. It includes every trait, every role, free, promo, legacy, Gen 1, and Gen 2. Note that the atk, def, hp all go up by a consistent amount but the overall increase varies because anyone with a relatively high attack gets more of a boost. When I’m done entering all the veteran’s stats, I’ll share it out along with a formula where you can enter a number of promotions and it will spit out estimated stats.

Also, note that it’s not quite right to say “with 20 rings” and “with 30 rings”. It takes more than 1 ring to raise some promotion levels. That’s what I need help with - what gear / rings is required at each level? Because that’s the unknown, and it may vary from toon to toon. If anyone wants to help figure that out, I’ve got a Line room going to collect screenshots. Most likely, we’ll find a pattern; I’m not there yet.

Bottom line: attack goes up by about 40.5% between unpromoted and maxed veteran levels, defense goes up 30%, and HP goes up 24%. Plus, attacking is key to the game - you can’t score points in war, raids, or arena without successful attacks. I’d suggest: promote your attacking toons first, then defense.

Edit: that Elle ratio has to be wrong, I’ll fix that.
Edit2: derp. They changed Elle’s stats after the blog post.

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Rings will also help you get that team grade up for more points per fight aswell

negative max is s10 for that

not lot of f2p are at 10 yet. 102 a fight sweet goodness

100% agree. Yet I’ve seen so many upgraded Erics, Donnys and other toons that are typically used on defence. Obviously I’m bound to, since I’ll only see them when I’m attacking, but I shouldn’t be seeing them everywhere if players were being sensible.

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