Rigged Gear/Trainer Pulls?


Is the game set up so you don’t get what you need?

I’m cool with pulling what ever but having seen Youtubers stack up on one gear and not the other it just feels odd. There doesn’t seem to be a balance when opening these crates.

I’ve recently experienced it myself. Firstly with the 2 recent Active trainers crates my faction won during war and another event couple weeks back… I have 1 red, 1 blue and 2 yellow 6*s and on these two separate occasions I pulled the green (strong) trainer.

Ever since 6* gear has been prizes I’ve pulled the stuff I don’t need. I’ve also collected 5:1 Watches to Radios.

I know its flipped for others and they stack certain gear and don’t seem to open crates of gear that they need.

Is is the case with the majority of us? or do most have a balance of gear and active trainers coming their way when opening these crates?

Thanks in advance for your inputs!


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