Rifle parts repeating

If i had known, i probably wouldn’t have been hitting these milestones for ridiculous prizes

Had just seen that myself. Somewhat irritating.

It’s good for us that are probably still not going to get enough parts and also for new players who are now just getting to a level to beat them.


Come on, don’t be grumpy like that. Me and other players sure need the spare parts since we could’t get on the last events that contained it. It’s pretty much a good thing.

But still, I know you would’t care since you got it. Either way, just move on, it’s not like they won’t give you sometime later.


Thanks scopely!

Thanks to a dozen previous level up tourneys and only 2 gear maps within that time frame (1 elite gear and 1 ultra rare gear), it gets difficult for many players to get that gun. That is, if they don’t get persuaded into buying those crappy offers.

This is for the levelups from passed… these parts are fixes for those who could not get milestones from before.

Thanks Scopely for repeating the rifle part roadmap.

Son, I’m reffering to the other parts which are coming in a future repeated Roadmap.

And just like I said, some players might be starting their collections right now. Other’s should’t be selfish enough to argue about a repeated roadmap.

Plus, free stuff and extra farming. Who knows what we’ll exchange the spare parts for?