Ridiculous... Team kills event in 30 minutes

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I got him scopely, one of those filthy opportunists !
Now how do I receive payment for getting this confession out of this one ?

Will our unused quills convert into 25,000 coins Scopez?


This is complete BS. Here I’m working toward this for days, probably failing because they don’t put up the last letter that I need on the special roadmap. And Scopely screw it up like this so that anyone online during the hour that I couldn’t play gets him.

This is so demoralizing. One of those things that make you wonder why you bother at all.


You get more plushies and you’ll like it.


None of your faction mates mentioned it over line or in game within that hour?


I saw it in game, but was to busy to really play it, only got 2-3 stages in.

On my 15th arena run, and it’s getting difficult. Getting the last letter is almost impossible there, roadmaps seemed to run much longer than usual and often only one instead of two. Couldn’t even buy the letter if I wanted to, because apparently they want everyone to stop trying in the event after the second stretch? Complete BS

Days of effort for nothing. It’s ok if I don’t get things, the event set up people to fail, but for Scopelys f’ing incompetence to then hand it out to everyone else just like that…

Absolutely demoralizing.


hate to the be the guy that did this one at Scopely. Costed them a ton of money by how many people aren’t gonna need to spend for him anymore. And those quills are expeeensive

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Honestly thought this event was crap and was ignoring it and hadn’t done any progress. Then a faction mate lets me know to hop on and get some bags and within 20 minutes I completed it. Feels nice to be an opportunist for the first time.


I’m just jealous.

It may spur some people to spend as “everyone” else will have him and they dont want to risk being left behind in case he is good.

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Those are what we call “addicts” my friend

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Anyone paying for dr jones is an addict

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Well this sure distracted people from the incoming 5* weapon reset :joy:

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Id of gone to the toilet for 10 mins

Congratz! I’m so happy for everyone! Way to go! I caught the last one. But I did get major basils from this rm! It was pretty cool!

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