Ridiculous offers

Not too long ago i needed sandpaper for crafting and i thought of buying it for 930 coins… in the end i’m not a moron and decided to craft if for 5400 wood.

The question is this. When are you going to go through your offers Scopely and give us fair offers and not try to trick us on every step? Playing this game i feel like in life when being approached by someone trying to sell me fake gold. It’s like when buying stuff i’ve gotta think twice if what you’re offering is really what i want, and sometimes it isn’t. When the odds came in, people opened their eyes and understood that they ain’t buyinf stuff cause the odds are that low. Since then time after time i see This company trying to take advantage of their fanbase using indecent methods of selling stuff for more than its worth.

In the shop the whole general tab is a scam. Maybe without the transfer key, but thats it.

So in the end we kindly ask you to rethink your customer approach and don’t try to trick us with your offers on every step @JB.Scopely


100% agree. Surely these types of things wouldn’t take too much time either.

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Just as useful as the male nipple


the worst part is that by using these 295 000 coins you’ll get mostly 3 star toons from a legendary training, which mostly isn’t even epic! during my time playing twd rts i had only one epic from there, so why call it legendary?

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Which is why I switched to legendary months ago.
Inventory holding cost is 30% lower (35 vs 50/day) and it’s more flexible with the smaller deposit requirements.

This has been like this since the game was released. The problem is they don’t update prices/etc.


Been saying this for a long time…

Lol why’d you quote that exact line?

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Emptying that training ground for $4000 worth of coins seems completely reasonable to me. I dont see the problem.


Apparently offers that appeal to only the extremely wealthy or spending/gambling addicts is the way to go for maximizing profits in these games. One would think that fair offers and business practices would be more profitable but I just had to come to accept I must be wrong.

As a sweetener, I’d also come with a revive blade for prestige Michonne for hitting p13… tempting.

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