Ridiculous Blitz War Matching

We just lost for the third time in a row to a high level team in our region, Ben hill.

On a related note, a long term faction member pretty much stopped playing. P.s. The rewards are…not motivating.

Hello? Scopely? Listening?

They were S5 and S5+. I was one of our highest at S4+. I am lvl 109 I think, they were mostly 124, 125. Even so, with Carl, Ezekiel, Gator etc., I could defeat several before I died.

Three times in a row. Yee Ha! They were 8? We were 18.

It’s not a mystery they took the governor off so everything goes. Last crw someone posted a pic of thier 100th placed team at 300k strength getting matched to the numbe one team at 1.8 million strength.

The game is a joke.

Absolutely shocking matches this time again. My rank 15 faction has matched a top 3 every time during these two wars.
As much as I can get a couple of wins, we have no real hope. Its not a competition, its a massacre, and where is the fun in that?

Its all well and good saying git g ud, but the match ups are shocking.

I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced it this bad. You cant avoid the top factions, but a match with a faction rank 10-20 would be nice!

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I dont mind because i still get points but our faction hit the top faction 6 of 8 wars towards the beginning, then we hit the #3 faction back to back when the #3 faction got a war with the #1 faction in between our wars. We instantly filled, and the server has 10-15 warring factions… It’s bullshit. We literally waited 20 mins between wars, for the same matchup we just previously had.


We had some of our weakest players just trying to hit milestones and this is what we get after waiting for 20 minutes in the queue. What kind of total bs is this?


I’m also in Ben hill Craig and our 1st couple of matches were against high teams,the issue is when I looked last night only 26 factions were on,if you don’t get a match close to your faction in a certain time it expands the search so you will be getting a lot harder teams like you have played,I played 4 wars last night and played 2 teams twice,it will happen unless we have a region we a lot more factions in,you will find this over the war weekend as well as our region is not as active as it was 6 months ago.

It’s happening to my faction too. We are ranked at #14 in war and we are getting matched with the ranks 1, 2, 3 and 4. Ridiculous matchmaking in this war.

We only have 11 factions on the board and this is an active blitz war. Wish we had 18 to compete with :disappointed_relieved:

Then every team should just sit in the queue until a suitable match up happens because getting killed in 10 min is fun for no one. It’s the reason why the newer players stop playing and the game is gonna die.

I would rather wait for an hour and get an even match where the outcome isn’t already determined. The worst part about it is there are teams around our strength that we have not been matched up to all war and they are playing. It’s just the top 5 every single match.

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What do you mean by 300k strength and 1.8 million strength? How do you find a factions “strength” and does scopely put those values somewhere I can see?

It’s not a true indication necessarily but its safe to assume the higher the teams raid total the stronger they are as a whole. It’s the only indicator we are given, unfortunately. It would be 100x smarter just to show the average rating of the players in the queue, like S5 for example. The example of the 300k and 1.8 came from another forum user who shared a pic from the last crw.

The point is no team full of S4+ - S5+ should ever get to face a squad with S1+ players in it. I had three newer players in that queue and the overall average was probably closer to S2+ maybe S3 for us.

I’m sick and tired of all the bs.

Oh ok I thought there was some faction power level score I was missing out on seeing. I know you are we talked about it yesterday. Hopefully something happens soon to make matchmaking better for everyone and fair to everyone.

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Here’s proof. We just got matched with the #1 team. I was general A and got destroyed 1 minute into the war.

Can’t say I expect good rewards from a short blitz war if they can’t figure them out for CRW.

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2vs26 :smiley: they didn’t even hit ;(

Sitting in queue couldn’t be any better. Most of the participants probably wouldn’t even be around when it did match and would come back to the war results screen and then queue up again for the same results.

There is no cure for low activity regions for war matching. The regions have to be merged to solve this issue.

Thank you for the feedback everyone!

we saw something similiar. but honestly… in the middle of the week at 10-2am pdt. there might only be a few factions actually warring… and the cooldown to rematch the same faction may keep alternating warring factions separated always. the rematch to same faction CD is a little less than the duration of a blitz war. of maybe those are the only 2 factions warring, which is sad but possible.

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