Rick figures?!?

There is still two days for this weekly event and there’s nothing in museum anymore…wheres the fun?

It’s still in the museum for me. Just lost in the mess of limited time collections.

Strange, the offer is still in my museum, and has no timer. It did get pushed quite a ways towards the bottom with all of the other collections, however. It’s the “weekly missions” with a comic inside the pentagon.

Nah timer’s are just glitchedasf on collections.

It must be a glitch if it had a timer and disappeared. Mine shows no timer and that it can be completed 7 times. If that had a timer, and you can get one statue per week/four per collection, with no other sources (including pay sources), the 7 cannot be completed in less than 28 weeks.

I’m currently on number 3 like anyone else who has been doing it since the start.

IIRC, the timer at start was more than 28 weeks. Around 210-220 days or less. I can’t remember exactly.

Collection has been bugged for a while as I had timers on two of the beach balls/sea shell collections missing with a timer on another one.

Strange it came back after closing game and restarting…scopes needs to get their musuems together :joy:

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