Rick 15th did 675 maim damage? It should be 940!


Rick should deal 940 maim damage to 2 enemies, not 675! Please fix it! @jb.scopely @Shawn.Scopely @Agrajag

Player Name: WOLFGANG
Region: BRYAN
Device: iPhone X
OS Version: 12.1


-30 attack?


AR maxed?


Bro, its maim damage… its 675 damage when i hit walkers, too. even if -30% attack, its 658, not 675.


I was going to mention something too Wolf… Did a bunch of testing. Only dealing out 675 maim when should be pumping 940. AR is maxed @Karl_Vella @JB.Scopely


Yes level 10


defender have mod reduction main damage.simply… see you later


its a world map…


So wait, all of the defenders in the screenshots have an identical mod with identical maim damage reduction (is that even a thing?)


Wave 5/5…


It’s a confirmed bug. Me and one other have also seen this bevaviour.


Not just defender, to walkers also 675 damage, to players also 675 maim damage. So there is definitely nothing to do with the mods!


Yeah I can see that. I just couldn’t resist responding when the guy was all smug like he was the answer to everyone’s issue and actually he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Is there even such thing as a mod which reduces maim damage? There is a maim resist for sure, but not one that even would reduce maim damage down.


Confirmed? Thx!


Interesting… walkers with mod?:man_facepalming:


Silent nerf :joy::joy::joy:


Kalishanes been gone no point to @ her.


Most likely some Bug. In your description. Gonna be changed later in 675 Main dmg in those Charakter cards… You know bluechonne ?!


“There are no bugs. Only surprise features”


Good they nerf him.He is tooooo strong.