Rich without being greedy

take the exemple of this company scopely


I don’t think gambling is unique

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3.4 million for 2.1 billion company is that what you think is good.
Mean supercell took really much money from there customer to afford it.

But i lack discuss subject from your opening post

that article says that the charity donation was made by the employees not the company

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Unique…lol yeah by never listening to the players and produce a bug riddled game with hardly any events

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They chose buying their theme (star trek, loonie toons, Walking dead) over creating their own.

They will never make real coin paying IP cheques to other companies.
Supercell, angry birds, Minecraft, etc… They own the IP… they didn’t just casino-ize a theme.

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Far easier to code a game when you pick up an pre-existing universe with all that creative work already complete. Think in terms of the Shark Tank show. Scopely does not come up with the new product (they’re not the people selling to the sharks). Their expertise is in knowing how to get the product someone else came up with and put together an effective way for that product to get manufactured (coded) distributed and marketed to the end customer. They’re the sharks here, and basically you’re saying the sharks will never make money because they’re not the ones coming up with the innovative new products. Nope, that’s not how business works - you can have the best new product in the world but not be able to effectively manage all areas of the business of profiting from that new product. In fact, most businesses that are started to sell a new idea fail.

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Its only pay thigs,the games of supercell you can have all of toons gamimg free

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In other words how to get the right mop ( product) in the right bucket (consumer) lol simplified it for you😉

Clash of clans can be completely free if you choose and you can compete with anyone. They fix issues and give players decent to great events that cost nothing. If their is a problem, they fix it with compensation.

Shamplay tries to scam and grape their players dry and produce a crappy, bug ridden pay 2 play crapfast. If there is an issue, scamplay’s response: FU

No wonder one company is #1.

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Sure. But Scopely is not famous for using “new product” IP’s and helping them launch. Walking Dead, Star Trek, Looney Tunes, ect… None of these IP’s needed Scopely’s “help”. None of them was struggling as well. All of them are established businesses working for many years.

Scopely is taking ALREADY successful IP’s and offer their respective owners to make even more money. That is their expertise.

If you would strip it down, its basically parasitizing on someone’s intellectual property by using addictions in a gambling app.
Nothing “innovative” here.

Supercell give their players huge amounts of cash as a prize the opposite of scopely that grab from us players, this game is really worth the time you spend on!!

And you dont think this is marketing?

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