Rework the battle chests

How about adding war fills and league points to the battle chests from war?


Chests are so outdated. When it comes to getting a majority of worthless basic tokens and not a single Aden when opening over a hundred of them 3 straight wars they are nothing more than a boobies prize now.

I haven’t even gotten a single elite character token since they brought back wars (a year ago I believe)

I average about 3 3* tokens every 100 crates. They ain’t been elite since 5*s became the meta. The only thing worth anything in them are the Burt’s to an extent and Aden.

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I get Aden a decent amount of times but only thing that really grabs my attention are the elite character tokens.

They catch my attention but 3 years and 1 5* from them makes them meaningless other than they are all shiny lol


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