I’m confused is scopely trying to push people away with the crappy rewards I swear they are just getting worse.what ever happened to the day where we would all fight for a good 5* .now we are even lucky to get enough for a 5* pull this is why people are getting bored of this game there is no competition left :frowning: . Plz hear us scopely and fix this.


I realize I will get a lot of wtf responses but I see logic here. Maybe it’s wishful thinking.

Remember when we used to compete for 4*s? Those were the good old days.


I’m probably wrong, but thought rewards went deep south about the time 6* were introduced (or shortly thereafter) 5* tokens given out are nothing compared to before, the wheel update is just…
And of course if you havent pulled at least 2+ ascendable 6* you are basically fucked, all raids/wars are the same teams…why bother?


I suspect the event and the new year will change most of that.

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Rewards are so 2015 when there is 6* in this day and age (BOOST REWARDS PLEASE) its the season to share don’t be shy to bring better rewards we love you scopely <3

I saw the Faction Raid rewards and milestones (roadmap walkies, food, 2* trainers) and genuinely thought - are Scopely actually trolling us at this point??? So disappointing.

I’ll give them a point for (potentially) being creative and giving food milestones in raids during a level up, where food is needed. However 100k is nothing. You can get lucky and earn that in a single raid. Make it 500k to start, going up to 1m and it’s far more helpful (as I’ve said before, scopley have done nothing to change the game alongside the introduction of 6*, including all the extra gear, survivors and food now needed to level them).

But let’s not get away from the point that is again, absolute garbage rewards. Our faction has voted for no minimum scores, and I can’t really bring myself to bother with the solo lvl up again either.

Any word on these rewards and milestones @kalishane and some of the thinking behind them?