Rewards Stink Again

Again 500k offers nothing that cant be had by working the daily map outside the paltry 30 badges. Again they stop at 200k. Would it have killed them to do 25 and 75? Is a single pull gonna break the bank? Why not fill in the rest of the blanks for the people willing to do 2 million every other day?
It’s Crap.

Could these rewards be any worse? The putrid stench coming from them is making me nauseous.
Faction level ups consistently have the worst rewards of any tournament. Bar none.

Bags are crap. Token amounts are crap. We need to boycott this crap.


Cookie cutter. They dont even work there anymore, game could be run by 3 people now


Lol nice work @kalishane

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Rick and Jeremy (those two in the back) are actually getting fired next week :frowning:
So only 3 soon

But please guys keep giving them feedback in the levelup thread. I’m sure they will listen and make adjustments accordingly lol


Now, that’s a damn shame. They were the ones doing the bulk of the work. Figures. Budget cutbacks.

They cant fix a game but they sure can delete posts.

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They should be RTP tokens so we can get amazeballs prizes like these!


:joy: sure thing bud , if it’s all in one place they can’t miss it

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Good thing we had that poll put up about what we dislike about level ups.


That’s for show. Nothing will change. Well except for that new 5 million milestone*. Let’s show them how dedicated we can be. :wink:

  • completely made up…for now.


A solo level up followed by a faction level up and sr. You would think with the blitzes canceled they would have made each level up 36-48 hours to give people a bit more time to hit those asinine milestones but nope.

It’s Scopely!


Agreed, luckily Fortnite coming out on Mobile has helped cure my boredom

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Yep same here. Talking the week off. Told the faction that the level up’s were optional but if they need the individual rewards to go for it. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I think most of us are.


I just don’t get it. They see us rage every time they post rewards and then they have the audacity to act like they are shocked that we are sick and tired of level ups with absolute crap for rewards like this. It’s like they don’t know anything about the game.

Yet the top teams in my region gobble them up every single time like it’s the zombie apocalypse and these are the last morsels on the planet. That’s the problem and that’s why things won’t change.

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Leader of the top team in our region here… we are currently sitting in 4th with no desire to push for any of these rewards. Most of us have decided that in this “age of the level up” that it’s stupid to waste resources on rewards of such low quality.

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Good for you. So glad someone has seen the light. I know the desire to be #1 is strong but not for complete trash like this. We all need to boycott every event until they listen to us and start offering real rewards.

I’m not in a #1 faction but I told the guys to save their resources and only burn them if they really need a milestone.

This crap needs to stop and we need to stop fighting for it.


if only my post didn’t get deleted for showing what actually happens at their headquarters.

we’ll see if this one gets deleted too. and SS for later use.


Had a few of them disappear on me too. Expect that one will disappear as well.