Rewards Rank 100-11 ...... WHY?

Another critique i think we “most” would like to see restructured is the rank rewards … more specifically 100-11 rank.

Now i understand the reason for this is that if youre in the top 10 bracket you will fight (Thus coin/play more) and for most part this is true …

But the reality is for those 1-6 players who normally duke it out there are about 80 other players not even trying and staying in the 100 rank … which further angers the players who push hard to end up getting the same reward as say someone using free energy

I’m only adding this in as a form of updating your reward structure for the better. I can attain top 10 easily, i can also fight out for top 3 being 1st a few times over so it isnt directly benefiting me.

Who it benefits is the players who may have prior engagements for lets say 8 hours in work time so they wont even bother in a solo event for this very reason

To sum it up better, the rewards should stand like so:

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place (podium rights should still have their own justified reward)
11th-25th or even 50th
and so on

im not saying keep the rewards rank as they are and drop lower but with the ever increasing amount of level ups and the need for milestones, you are losing too many players and activities due to their being no respite to farm for survivors or time to train them for level ups every 2 days.

We want to keep our players, our factions and our regions happy enough to remain playing


Great post mate

In terms of Level Up tourneys, it’s not that hard if you have a couple of epics. I usually send them off on YGL to get them to T4. Then when the tourney starts, they’re worth more. But it’s nothing compare to those who spend their bottom dollar on everything, get everything, and have access to everything. Or those who’s more prepared than me with saved up trainers, tokens, and maxed scav camps to put more 5* and legendaries on a team. Honestly, I wouldn’t say this to another soul but it’s all about gittin’ gud.

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very good!!! that will bring more competition and it will not be so boring and more fair for those who fought for the top 10 and lost

You have my vote!

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Makes so much sense…

…therefore it will never happen.



I can get behind something like this.

Here here

Pip Pip cheerio

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The ranking structure has needed a revamp for a while. I fully agree with what you have proposed.

But i always end up on rank 80-90 :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

They used to have it this way
1 (unique prize)
2 (unique prize)
3-7 (unique Prize)
8-25 (unique prize)
26- 80 (unique)

I dont get why they chaged it but they did and no one commented on it ,as it was lost in the whole rewards got worse debacle they impemented these changes

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This makes sense. I used to work so hard a while back to hit the higher milestones but these days I just about scrape into top 100 and call it a day. Sure, the last few minutes are always tense but at least I can spread my toons over a few more events instead of bleeding everything dry at once. A better reward structure would deffo entice me into actually trying once again.

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There’s no reason someone who worked hard to try and get to top 10 gets the same as someone who just did a wee bit for rank 90. No other game has this weird structure unless u know ur really gonna go for top it’s not worth it unless u want the 2m prize :roll_eyes: