REWARDS please fix

Hi I know I am not the only one who says this but a lot of us feel like since ascension became a thing… REWARDS have gotten really lazy 5 * tokens are great. But theres really no incentive to push for a higher rank. As pulling an ascendable toon from 5* is all luck. Please start to give toons as rewards again

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Top 3 in region war should be rewarded with an ascendable toon, top 20 for cross region wars. We as players spend enough on cans & deserve better than fodder tokens which is basically what it is unless you get the 7% chance at an ascendable toon.



I hate to break it to ya, but they refuse to even acknowledge these threads anymore. The last time I remember seeing Kalishane give an update on better rewards (which wasn’t really an update, but just told us she was looking into it) was like 6 months ago. Not even exaggerating.

Sorry :neutral_face:

Sounds like the same kind of answer with region mergers. Anyone starting to think she’s becoming more and more like the ingame customer support lmao

Guys, I’ll take it to the team :stuck_out_tongue:

With mods coming out we shouldn’t hold our breath for toons as rewards … Man I miss the days of seeing toons as rewards…now it’ll start being something with mods probably…the 5 star tokens are such a joke…I has almost 300k saved up… I really wish they’d make this game great again…yes that will be my new motto

Dear scopely,
Make this game great again!!!

But seriously…all we want is a reason to participate in the tournaments again…the best rewards we can hope for are gps and canteens…

This game was so awesome when I first started playing … I’d check out the toons that were prizes and then go watch “justaboxgaming” videos to see his breakdown of the toons … Then I became a good player joined a top faction … And now all I get are 5 star tokens and Ulysses … Please listen to us

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