Rewards Need Drastic Revamp before player base quits


How is this not difficult to see. After another weekend of more lay offs and retirements from my region/seeing others on Line quitting

WHY are you still keeping the game at this level …

Cross Region war… 20k Tokens and a Siddiq (obtainable easily)

3 Day Dual Event (Raid - 6 prestige pulls/Level up ??? cant even remember as i have no interest in solo level ups anymore)

More and more players are looking at these rewards and shutting the app down for the weekend and coming to the realisation that they DON’T want to log back in to the game. When there is a Faction/Region weekend off people are becoming less and less motivated to Grind farming/Survival Road or raid with Free Energy.

This is Due to the Rewards … NOT THE EVENT …

Scopely im voicing my own opinion here, there may be others who agree or disagree BUT this is a suggestion to your “crew/Team” to get better and more creative with rewards.

Nobody in top flight competition wants to go hard for 6 Prestige Pulls. . . . yes you get the lucky who get 2-3 on a 6 pull but 99% of that is duplicates (for ascending) then there is the rest who get 0 epics and that loses any motivation for a repeat event (Which this is)

Basically to SUM this up to keep this game up and running without the constant amount of players losing interest and quitting you NEED to make the game a competition.

Cross Region War firs time around, although with bugs and problems gave the winners, top 5 a decent reward. first place got a command maggie with bonus HP rush (A toon still decent without comparing 6* and one thats not readily available for other factions meaning more of a reward for us players)

The Previous Cross Region War should have either placed a 5* Character that was new or not obtained via ascending. Nothing more demoralising than seeing someone in a raid with the 6* Siddiq that you as a company are expecting us to fight for … This caused most of my faction on hiatus or casual play.
We should be expecting better gear/better toons/better everything

Essentially creating road to survival 2 with the new addition of 6* you have lost a lot of the trust you were desperately trying to regain from the past few months for the 1st CRW and constant errors with advertising errors.

To get factions to compete/play/spend you need to simply add a 6* or the better gears to tier 4 said 6*
i can’t understand why Scopely dont understand this


Number 1 faction in rockdale in 6th. What a boring weekend. Why can’t they have different prizes based on a regions length of existence. These rewards might be nice for a 3 month old region. Absolutely unacceptable in a 2 year old region


I also blame people who throw money and resources into garbage tourneys, there’s a guy in my region who hit 2.5 mil on this solo LU. As long as people will do this, scopely doesn’t have a reason to change prizes. This “my bick is digger” and obsession to win everything (even garbage tourneys) is screwing the whole playerbase.


I am really struggling to log onto the game daily anymore, been playing for over 2 years (started on 20th October 2015) and it’s becoming boring and drab, it’s not worth the tune and effort anymore.


The Main thing MOST seasoned players will say (Myself included)

I wan’t to spend in this game when I want to spend

I don’t want to Spend if I am being Told I HAVE to Spend

Constantly seeing newer configurations in the games coding that’s making me feel less and less bothered.

After weeks and weeks of Raiding players and only finding BOTs for 17k food, i swapped over my secondary account to my main accounts faction to piggy back of a buff of XP whilst spending refills on SR event. Once my main account went factionless for that hour … 99% Of my Raid victims had suddenly FULL Food Rewards (135k i think) The moment i went back to the faction guess what, bots 17k Again

During this WHOLE 3 day amazingly fun raid event I have honestly no joke seen 3 Non bots with 100k+ food … then for the kicker theres constant offers for 1 million food ALWAYS popping up on screen when im in survival road or coming back to the town screen. This makes me feel scopely Demands me to spend rather than me wanting to


3 people this weekend has said the same thing to me, one in my faction who i would say is one of the better players in the game, its slowly getting to the point where the quote we all say “we’re fighting And staying in the game for our faction” is going to lose all meaning and we will all quit


Damn 2.5 mil ? What a idiot


Yup I feel you


And that’s one reason we can’t have nice things, cause of these type of idiots

Also, business as usual for most of the top 10 factions from my region during this raid tourney. Afterwards I just love seeing the #1 faction complaining about crap rewards, the same rewards they throw money on.


not that bad ppl wanted 1.25m reward


This guys nickname is clockwork balls rly?
I’ll just drop it here…


I’m saving for something worthwhile, got 700k in a you got lucky and another mil or two stored, if this week’s solo sucks as I expect I’ll save past war hoping for a faction level up


Those idiots are the ones killing the game it’s people like them that make the world a bad place they prolly also flag the shit out of people on here too I hope the game makes them go broke.


In the name of anything that’s holy


That is just sad. 26 people over 1 mil. and 6mil… No one can think romanov is that good. Your server is crazy.


Simply Russian :man_shrugging:t3: Fortunately, that’s not my main region


possible VK users then?


Yes, of course. Half of the p2p buying legit (as they stated) coins from vk for over a half year, I’m f2p since


I said it before in my critique of this weekend’s rewards in another thread, but we need to understand what the prize selection team think and how they see the value of certain items and what justification is in their decisions (as, despite what it appears, I’m sure they don’t pick the rewards at random). Maybe, once we can start to understand why they make the decisions they do, we can see a way forward to making them something the player base actually value


The main problem with this game is the GRIND, you have to spend so much farming etc that most free time is spent doing bits here and there, 90% of the rest of the players playing this game either dont have time to open an account on the forum or dont know of its existence. Trust me Scopely, there are ALOT of players on their last nerve with this game