Rewards from survivor club road to survival ... where are they?

Any other players dont get their rewards from the club? Got my 10 benedicts but the 4 trait trainers are missing . Not realy help from support … keep surviving?

In order to get them, you have to Lmao forget about it

… you have to?
Bent over … lmao


Seems to be player wide. I’ve noticed a few said they cancelled next month’s SC and didn’t get them. Even tho its supposed to be this month’s offer and they are still members. If you haven’t canceled I suggest you do so. Seriously it’s not worth it. They aren’t takin the money and improving the game, they are just eating more pancakes


I agree my friend … money lost

Andera is att shield if you don’t have a other shieid is pretty bad abs on her don’t matter. Leader skill helps other att shield in the middle of def up top of it

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i agree Andrea is not bad with absolute defends but that’s not the point they don’t give the rewards i payed for . Is this a scam? You pay money for something they don’t give you?

yes i checked
its a rip off for me
i payed and got no rewards … well lesson learned

Keep surviving and you will get the rewards

the only things I see in offers is more stuff to buy lmao

SCAM … Got the blue radio today so that means i am a member yes or no
still no rewards …

Look at all the stuff they screw us out of for free. Why would you think paying would make a difference? It’s the same game if you pay or not but now you’re paying for the problems. If the game went one month without any problems I might think about joining the spenders club and I can say that and mean it because it’ll never happen.


Agree but these rewards came as a bonus for players who joined that club
Its a disgrace that a company get away with this .

I can’t wait for one of these whales who have a ton of money to decide one day to to take actual action against scopley. Honestly I wish the creator or walking dead would play this game undercover and see what they are doing to his reputation. I played no man’s land and customer service is amazing there. Never had 1 issue with any money spent. And when they made mistakes they were fixed and also gave players extra items, equivalent of pulls or whatever. Unfortunately I got to a point where this game was more engaging due to the player to player having to work together and becoming friends. Most of the people I’ve met here are 1 of the few reasons I’ve stuck around

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yes mate that might happen one day
for me i dont gonna die for 20 $ more or less its just the principle
i pay and dont get my weekly rewards … what the f @@@ ck
never ever i sign up on bullshit like this … a very big disappointment the survival club

Hi (insert name)

Sorry to hear about the issue.

Please do file a report to our support crew as they’ll be able to look into it, and compensate your account accordingly.

Thank you!

SUPPORT LMAO got 5 messages from your support all the same … keep looking for your rewards LMAO … scumbags

Bro I just reported the same thing :grin: and support told me I am not eligible for the rewards but didn’t say why. Total bs

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I didn’t get my gold mods today , can I get a refund from Google? Scopely won’t help

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Same here, so I’ll put a ward in this comment