Rewards From Raiding(Primarily Food) Need To Be Updated

The current reward system has at least a few problems. Most of the teams available to raid could be considered too difficult or not worth the risk of raiding for many players. What happens is that that player is then likely to search for a new opponent multiple times which cuts a lot into the amount of food a player actually gains on their next successful raid. Most teams around my level don’t even have more than 20k food or wood so you could easily end up with less food than you originally had. For example, if you need to click the “find a new opponent” button 5 times as a high-level player, you lose more food than you can gain(unless you find a player that doesn’t reserve food).

Suggestion, why not just have teams give a default amount of food and wood regardless of how much of the aforementioned supplies they truly have? Maybe base this off team rank? S13 could give something like 180k food and 150k wood.

With mercer leader skill just forget about winning any raids

You do realize that food we get from raids is the LAST of this community’s concerns, right?!


Food and mats are VERY easy to get…No need to get update the raids.This is the last thing that should get updated rather then all the other issues


Does anyone really raid anymore outside of tournaments?


This is already the case, it’s 16k of each. Even if they have less, you will get that much.

Its pretty easy to find someone with 135k food

If food and wood are your problem…

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I click raid 6 times a day for the mission and auto-play. If I win it’s a pleasant bonus.

I also raid if there’s a milestone. Otherwise, no.

Quality troll post.

if you are waiting for anything to be updated in this game besides the OP meta changes you are definitely playing the wrong game

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Don’t be so negative. They clearly updated the premier wheel as you are able to pull S class toons directly now without grinding them from 6*.

So there’s that.

And? If Scopely wanted to fix the other issues, they would’ve, so why not try to fix the issues they might be more interested in fixing?

actually the font on rts has always bugged me
shut down servers and get that fixed! I dont care it it takes months or years

the.big issues please

Okay so lets get rid of all the small updates we’ve had this year and see what your reaction will be.

Totally right!?

But we all know Scopely will update the food when raiding before they even look at the other pressing matters…haha

these guys do nothing small, makes
if ur recommendation was skip to find someone a full of food with coins
it will be implemented
pay 100 coins to find someone with 135k food

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