Rewards for war

You should consider using an individual reward system for war. On other games I play, Game of War, they have similar war weekends. The alliance all receive a prize and the top scoring player from each kingdom do as well. They also have milestones to reach like WD. Adding individual rewards for the top scorers in each region may open up more playing and better war game experience for the competitive people. This should be considered.

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It’s be cool if there was a war depot and these points were similar to the faction assault depreciation by rank within the faction VS a fixed prize, though I’d have fun fighting for it.

This shouldn’t be a reason to reduce current war rewards, but I’m sure we’d get Scopely’d one way or another, either by ridiculously high cost or random bags that give out trash similar to how they Scopely’d faction assault and it’s depot.


This is one of the things Lockdown has suggested and I think its a solid idea as well. Well at least the war depot.

I recall Lockdown suggestion. I’d have to go back and check specifics.

Simply I want more activity based progress opportunities for individuals that put the effort in. They keep the game moving along especially in war where it requires 1/4 of the faction to be on at the same time.

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It also requires a large portion of your weekend… I agree there should be an extra bump in goodies for those who put the time and effort in.

What about adding to the milestones? 100k in war I get on Fridays… 2,000,000 for level? And there are five times the number of level events…

Maybe a 300k and 400k for war.

I agree. If there was more incentive in milestones then more people would try to hit them. More people hitting higher milestones equals more activity and better wars. Some people could actually get breaks if there were more people queuing. Maybe extra milestones at 150k, 300k and 500k. I myself see a lot of people hit the 100k milestone and suddenly become busy. I also think there should be rewards based on how well you did in your faction. Maybe the same type of rewards as a Faction Assault. RNG bags with polishing kits, duct tape, legendary medals, 6* trainers, etc.

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That sounds amazing. It also pulls the focus on to war which is what everyone is here for anyway.

Lol, you know damn well they wouldn’t “add” reward levels. If you want ask for higher milestone, I will tell you RIGHT NOW, what you’ll get is the same exact 5 levels of reward, and the same exact rewards, but requiring 3-5x more points to get them.