Rewards for top players


Since when has scopely ever done the same rewards for the top 4 players? In leagues currently the top 4 players all receive the same reward… In every tourney it’s the top 3 players, and then 4-10… It’s not top 4 players then 5-10… What the hell scopely?


If you’re talking about the seeding rewards, my division only sends top 3 to diamond, not 4.


:roll_eyes: Let me guess. You’re in first and you think you deserve more than everyone else.

In mine 4-50 get the same reward. That’s a good thing.


Of all the complaints I’ve seen on here over the years, this one is by far the most absurd.

Better rewards for more people, how very dare you Scopely, you bastards!!!


this is only seeding. You get rewards acording to the league you will get seeded in.


Its top5 factions in mine


Look to the right of your name. Do you see the tokens and coins? You get rewards for each section including seeding.


Mine is only top 3 and I’m in first with a 70k lead on second and I think that it’s fair top 3 get the same why not they deserve it too


This is seeding not placement for a tourney… So people placed in the same bracket have the same rewards


How dare scopely give us free coins for doing what we already do in this game. What were they thinking.


Ok ok, you can have 1401 coins. Sheesh.


It was top 3 for me, then it suddenly changed to top 4.


“Ok guys, I’m in first so I should get 100x better rewards. But only when I’m in first”


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