Rewards for all not just the strong

There is countless complaints about top players not getting what they want but very little about new players. There is how ever lots of threads about regions dieting out.

Why don’t events include rewards for newer players. Low mile stones for 4* coins and upgrade materials. More slots for players rather then 1000-200 ranked rewards.

High level player end up getting more coins which they will of course complain about but new players will have something other then the map to face. When this game started 3* and 4* characters where rewards for road maps. People who wanted 5* complained. Those who needed 4* worked for it…

Suggestion is simple. Include rewards for new players that they can reach and use. Wars level up raids rewards need tweaking. Leave top levels alone and give more to the new folk.


Although I am not a big fan of “everyone should get a trophy!”. Level up milestones are absolutely preposterous for anyone without a stable of 5*s. On low level accounts, getting 50k points in a level up is a pretty big accomplishment.


This game is not noob friendly. Anyone who starts today is pretty much screwed unless they are willing to keep grinding it out for not much in return. Even if you pull until you have a full 6-star team you still don’t have the weapons.

You know what they say…Keep on Surviving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So much hate on these forums. I guess everyone is content with how things are.

Not screwed Just hard to get in a top team.The game has far more ways now to get characters and items then years ago.Except them changing the gear map but those always posed a challenge at the start.

I beg to differ. They now offer a Benny for ranked 201-1000 in solo levels. He’s pretty useful fodder.

Don’t see anyone hating on your post. Rewards need to improve for everyone, beginners and top players alike. I’ve seen many people asking for improved rewards for everyone since I joined the forum but nothing gets done unfortunately.


Gg bumshoe

I agree rewards have been terrible but this is how I look at the noob rewards. It takes a while to get your camps and armorys up to level 20 and in this time period is when you work on your toons and teams and build them and stock pile gear and food or whatnot. All of us that have been playing since around the beginning we dang sure didn’t get hand outs and got our butts kick for the first year. It took months before scopely gave me my first 5* old green Earl. This game also takes some time to honestly learn everything to where you know exactly how everything works. The time period from noob to experienced Player is the learning curve for the game. There already getting a lot more stuff then us old timers so I think they should earn it like we did.


When i first downloaded and started playing 4* kicking jeebs was the premier toon. I plodded along building a 2* then 3* team getting my ass handed to me by 4* then slowly those new bad ass 5* toons. Took a long time to build a 4* team it was helped out by those trait maps they put out. Entire factions working together to help everyone out getting 4* sid or shane or lori. Those maps also helped us learn how to play and build teams. They tought strategy and how to attack. Those are the things lacking in the game now that can really help out new players. I get so tired of seeing noobs with a 4* red gov up as lead. Hey dude he has no lead skill. There are many obstacles posed to new players now with the 6* meta but we had those same if not more coming up. Dont hate on people that have grinded out their time and gotten better for it. However dont abandon the noobs to the wolves they need things to strive for as well. I never scored above top 500 starting out in level ups and had no shot at winning one but you know what. This is not a show up and get something for it game its a activity put in the work and grind it out fir months and months to improve game. It was for me and im sure it was for many of you. Nothing in this game is handed to you get your ass in gear and earn it i know i did.


Please post a link to these threads. I really want to lose 3 pounds :upside_down_face:

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