Rewards (chars)


I have not received level up rewards, but i have received raid. Someone else in my region has received level up but not raid. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or is it just a select few. @JB.Scopely


same for my 2nd faction most havent goten raid rewards, I got both on my main that ended as #1 could take longer the lower ranked I guess


Havent received rewards either


Received both.


Same. 07


We received one not the other. Wasnt paying attention to which one lol


Same for us on clinch received up but not raid


Third thread going for same thing. Here is info its on support.


I just got lvl up rewards


Pretty sure mine was posted first though :man_shrugging:


Can someone tell me what chars means?


You have to have a minimum number of characters, so put chars to suffice that


Oh ok. Thanks for the reply.


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