Rewards becoming dire once again ... CRW upcoming with No Wheel/tokens

So we start this week off with another Joshua level up … nobody biting on that … zzzzzzzz

then we get a solo raid where rewards are normal but milestones are dirt poor … nobody biting zzzzzzzz

Now, it seems to me i seen a CRW event this weekend … but we dont have any tokens or a new wheel such as the halloween or 3 year tokens to pull from … not even a gear event in the museum…

it is only tuesday so something may be released pretty soon but im not hopeful on it … do you think we will see the old 20k 5* tokens for rewards once again and do you think this will keep your community happy

me personally i think Scopely should address in a mega thread shortly on the changes being made to gears, reward and milestone events and the missing roadmaps etc i think we deserve this or are we going to have to wait until the game is on its last legs and get a half baked apology letter from the manager and only fix 0.0005% of the promises made


No one wants to war for 5-star tokens. The odds to pull an ascendable from that wheel are piss poor so most will wind up with one or two useless 5-star fodder toons.

They really need to create a 5-star ascendable only wheel and give out tokens for that as the reward for war. I really don’t see how giving out one or two guaranteed ascendables a month of older non op toons will hurt sales while at the same time keeping the players much happier.


100,000 League points for 1st prize then at least we cud get some gear… Might hurt there gear sales tho

Rele need a museum collection for gear then atleast everyone is interested in milestones

they need to bring a lot back to that museum, gear with ALL the tier gear … its been about 4+ months since we were able to obtain a power gauntlet or tripod from there if not longer.

having 3 hunters and a carl stuck at tier 2 for a month really does move your motivation of the game away


I think this coming CRW could be massive in terms of the games longevity tbh.

As you say the day to day events are simply not worth the effort any more & people are living only for war, now with AOW currently MIA and retirements seeing people dropping like flies I think we’ll see a mass exodus if the rewards for this weekends efforts are poor again.

I know people have been posting the end is nigh for almost two years, but this feels different.


This has been said a lot even by me… But I agree with you and think it’s headed that way. :+1:t4:

The rewards for playing this game ARE NOT an incentive to keep playing this game. And the game is not that enjoyable to keep people around simply for the game play.

Game prizes are dull, I’ve dropped in leagues and don’t even care. I play once a day now late at night and it’s only for a few minutes just to use world energy that has been full all day lol.


Week off here for me. These rewards are too piss poor to bother with. Just T4’d 2 toons but I don’t think the milestones / rewards are worth it. Game is way stale now. Everything needs a damn overhaul. Utterly boring.

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Probably play for tokens for the Carley stash :neutral_face:

This weekend we have AOW starting with a new Thanksgiving event. Most likely whatever tokens or items needed for the event will be war prizes, along with the usual trainer crates and medals/tokens

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You sure about that? Wasn’t it another CRW scheduled for this weekend?

They updated the calender

Ah fair enough, cheers

100% this. No incentive to play when the rewards are for fractions of the “necessary” gear just so we can level a useless toon for points.

My solution was to stop leveling useless toons so therefore I no longer need any of the “rewards”.


Great job forums for crying about not having AOW. Well now you have it, so now I’m looking forward to all the people crying about not getting the opportunity to get a canteen/GPS from war since it’s highly likely they won’t be giving out that many, maybe to the top faction per region.


Fuckin irrelevant anyway, even if I get a GPS & canteen I still won’t be able to T4 any more characters because I’m short of whetstones, dummy boards, sports gauntlets, tripods, hockey masks and all the other legendary level up gear.

There are a hell of a lot of people in the same predicament, AOW or CRW won’t solve that.


Why did you change my nigh to near? I don’t mind of course, just curious.

AOW this weekend so most likely just boring rewards since there are no 6 star wheels. This just means most factions will take it casual, farm for refills and no coining.

Probably Turkey tokens or something since the Thanksgiving event start this weekend also.

apt name for the trash most will pull

Just give us toon for reward ! Noone is really trying for 5*tokens…