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So, here we are, a few weeks next to the Player United and promises from scopely, and yet almost fell the same thing I don’t count Romanov cuz vk show him first and he was 50/50 but we have.Some issues this week beta tester know I know been a beta is find bugs and yada yada, but if this bug affect the main account, thats a problem, in my particular case I cant finish SR and got a lame position I lost two pulls on Summer token for that and was a boring stuff, and yet I don’t a sorry for that no, just.ignore the problem and keep going I love the game for the toons and for guns but the sht keep coming. Idk maybe the promise land is a lieimages%20(10)
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Clocks ticking

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The problem with beta was unfortunate (I’m in it myself) but it is to work out bugs and it’s completely voluntary.

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