Reward team if We count last 4 events and 1 leauge supply

is anyone making any teams anywhere?
Gap dont excist it is now a cliff


Piper is pretty good, I use her.


Piper is amazing and i use her on my Michelle team, her disarm is great and her cutthroat is used in combo with Charlies taunt and i do 50% extra damage, she kills for me. Michonne might be good for those who need a decap but i think Chris is better than her tbh.

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no she is garbage in current meta and if u still using her i am affraid u are a slaker

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She pretty sweel, lots of people have dropped stun resist mods for some reason. The active was pretty useful last war with the AP on attack tower, as she could use it and rush turn 2, so your stun resists only need to proc for one turn. Syncs very well with Michelle, if four or more opponents are still there, she won’t hit those that that are already stunned, Charlie’s taunt and Magna’s impair.

Michelle, Piper, Charlie, G2 Rick, Blue Magna (Vet maxed) got me to 180k-ish last war ez.

@How2Zombies exactly. Greens are pretty much dead though, Michonne and Chris aren’t bad (Execution should end up dealing a lot of damage againat S-class). Maybe on Diego teams behind Magna.

Silly, Chinese dude is a leader Raz, you gotta take advantage of every little step stone

Random, I like it! :joy:

I actually like the free dual specialists michonne, and shes way better than chris.

Lol I’m sure Raz needed your pro tips. He was trying to make a point of they’re not being useful

Yeah, I think she’s pretty good. Just funny cause she was getting crapped on all over these forums when she was first introduced.

I think a lot of the issues people had was how she wasn’t really ‘free’. She was very very difficult to acquire if I remember correctly

She was free. I had the coin pass at the time but didn’t watch videos, so everything I did was available to F2P (at least if they had played long enough to be able to beat the Alpha map).

It was just really convoluted, a completely stupid and pointless grind, and you had to use some collectibles to run the maps for more collectibles instead of using them on supreme crates.

Should of saved that 25k (if you still got another 25k thats nice) for moira. Im gon swap her out with bruce and have Camilla, Christa, Moira, Kapoor, and Shiva. Moira uses hemorhage for bleed, Shiva can double it. Lace and hem goes together. I may sacrifice shiva for zander once I get him maxed. And ascended. Command and disarm will be good against that smug c*** james. James: Smiles in smugness

I got her as well but know many F2P and light spenders who Didn’t. I mostly recall it being a mess

Definitely, it was both quite difficult in parts and pointlessly grindy. Had to force myself many evenings to just hit my faction mate’s 1* defense teams and flee SR stages. But it definitely was possible.

I think I ended up spending 600ish coins to get collectibles, but it was to run the supreme crate part an additional time and make sure I get the ninth crossbone for the 15 gold mods; I would have gotten Piper without it.

Compare it to the Road warriors event; that one was not possible F2P unless you had a few coins saved up and were able to exchange it for the keys to open the roadmap on one of the very few times they had it in the shop (which, if I remember correctly, were mostly at the beginning of the event, when many people had not yet figured the event far enough to know they would need it). I can understand someone complaining that that event was not acessible to F2P, but Piper was. People just didn’t because it effectively cost a lot of resources, but mostly because it was really unfun.

Michonne and Piper are excellent toons, Stephanie is decent…

And what about Zander, one of the best toons in the game? Bruce Allen - excellent; Camilla, Chris; James/Christa; Kapoor… Dedicated F2P can easily be in the same ballpark as light to moderate spenders.


Road warriors - Bruce and sandy event I believe? With Sophia and… I think it was Konrad? Tbh I found that event easier. Didn’t use any coins myself and ended with decap Sandy. I liked that there was an option for other toons if you couldn’t complete tbh. Freedom of choice that way. Piper event being not fun seems similar to Michonne event where we are running the same roadmap again and again. Alas, feels like more work for Mich atm, since I need to max out two Gen 1 6*

I’d like to raise you Moira, Charlie, Shiva, Camila, Zander and Michelle. Piper, Bruce Allen Cooper and the new Michonne are also ok. Aside from that I agree - I don’t count any wheel toons as free toons as they aren’t guarantees. Although by that definition I suppose Sclass counts as free toons.

It hurts to see gear and resources wasted on leveling Sergio

Damn hadn’t even noticed that… Just, why?