Reward for this weekend of war


supposed to show my new Randal.

I’m about done with this game unless rewards improve.


Save ye tokens pirate’


Just imagine it says the word “Benedict” at the top. Because that’s the only value a non-ascendable 5★ has these days.


Yes. I have noticed. :thinking:


i save 5* tokens until 40k-50k… then pull… I’ve had my best results with that method. got shiva and carl that way, after ascendance was put in… that was back in august/sept after the first ascendance event.


Do the odds of something better actually improve with more tokens? Does anyone know? :slight_smile:


I don’t play in your league. 50,000 tokens? Yikes. :fearful:


the no dupes within a pull, code kicks in… its supposed to look at your roster against pulls done after i think oct/nov 17, not sure that works… but it definitely works within a pull. I did get a second shiva so the looking at the roster stuff might not have a great effect.


Save until the NEXT 5* token update i mean. Everything in there is crap right now lol


well yeah i’m in a top faction… i pulled 140k 5* tokens when they did the change, a week or 2 ago. and am at 38k again.

I didn’t see dupes within a pull… i did pull dupes against roster, i have a lot of 5* not many premium.

a top 4-10 faction should have been able to pull like 70k in the last couple weeks…


Question: What makes you think the wheel can be better?



To be HONEST, about an hour ago i was thinking about all my pulls stacked up and what they’ll do in the next wheel update…

Thinking they might remove all ascendables from that wheel :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


A Million times like


My pulls in a nutshell…

@Locked-Away All the more reason to save up.


I had 50k saved up after war rewards came in and got ascendable Carl. Already had him but better than another benny which my other 4 pulls were.


Pulled my second ascendable Yumiko. I thought the original model was one of the best-animated toons and I missed having her on the roster so not a terrible pull for a change. Hey, at least it wasn’t my fifth Mirabelle.

If you need the fodder to ascend I say pull. What makes you think they will make the wheels any better anytime soon? Also feel if they ever did the right thing and make an ascendable only wheel they will introduce a new token because they know people are saving their tokens now. They act stupid but they are far from it.


My last 5 5*token pulls have all been duplicates


I got Poncho Rick. Actually not a dupe for a change. I don’t see them updating the wheel for months again yet as it was months ago when they updated it.