Reward Crate - 30 day coin pass

Please put some thought into the 30 day reward crate there has not been any change ever since the 30 days pass was introduced in the game. Even considering the new players who join we defo do not want 4*s how about with continous subscription we move to higher reward bag so for example if i stay subscribed to 30 day pass for 3 straight month i move to a silver reward crate which has better rewards if i stay subscribed to another 3 (that is total 6 months straight) i move to gold reward create bag which has exclusive content you get to start from bronze if you break the subscription for any given month and have to start over.

Including 30 day pass to SC will not be a bad idea … Just saying


@JB.Scopely This seems like a nice idea


Just remove all the fours and put 5’s in.
Doesn’t even have to be any good ones.


It’s pretty bad and has been for quite a long time. There are many things they could put in that crate that would appease the masses…but let’s face it: it’s way easier to just say Keep Surviving!

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One of the reasons I stopped buying it.


Yes pls!! I’ve been saying this since they bamboozled us and switched 4* Carl for a 5* Carl.
That’s the main reason I stopped buying the pass bc the crate was total trash!! I got sick of getting sh!tty 4* Jesus all the time.
Get rid of the all 4* toons and put Active Skill trainers in their place and toss Lilith in on top of Aden and some 5*s would be nice.

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