Revive Vs. Decap


i’ve never see him on depot… i have on 1 from 5* tokens though


Complain, complain, complain… everything needs to be free and it’s never good enough :roll_eyes: another one of these posts


I’m asking for balance. It would be nice if it was free, but even a chance at more decaps would be better than what we have now

You hate balance?




omg revive is useless, should be giving us a free triple revive shield, and only to those who have prestigae below 12!


Isn’t red sandy a decap ? the kanuni one


Ehh not as rough as it was when Priya and other OP 45AP 5s were dominating in the 5 meta.


Alpha isn’t even that good TBH.
“Okay I got Ty down to his last sliver of health, no I just need to finish the job with Alpha!”
Absolute defense - 0 damage
Ty revives Lydia who revives Erika who revives Carl who revives-


Fck an hp sliver. Single-most frustrating thing. Followed very closely by near-perfect opponent RNG. GRR af.

Ps. Fck a shield revive, too. Gimme disarm. Thats the Konami Code here.



To be fair, I’ve used Alpha to do awesome things. But I’ve had that happen plenty even with her rush

Gonna hit this Lydia while I have a 50% attack boost and 35% attack against yellow!

Lydia survives, now has 75% defense and a huge blue health bar



I realized the initial wording of the opening post was kind of ungrateful. My apologies all. I edited it to have a sincere expression of thanks.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful. I just want to get some more options to address the ever growing number of revives on defenses


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