Revive Vs. Decap

So we’re finally getting a free revive. Thank you, Scopley. I mean it.

It’s been a long slog up to now, but it’s still cool

The problem isn’t a lack of a single revive though. A single revive tends to give very few people trouble on defense because if you kill them with any toon, they’re dead forever.

The problem is revive chains. Revives who revive reviving revives listening to Credence Clearwater Revival

Since we all know the revive mechanic can’t be fixed to be less overpowered (too much money in it) and since we probably can’t ask for 2 revives, what I’d rather have than a single revive that won’t help me counter or utilize revive chains is MORE DECAPS

It is ridiculous how many revives we have compared to the amount of decaps. We’re playing a game full of supermen and Scopely, you only gave us 1 piece of kryptonite.

So please, since we all know you probably have 10 more revives in the works, with all kinds of annoying BS mechanics designed to make each fight a frustrating one…


Think about it, won’t you?


1 piece of kryptonite.

There’s 2. Alpha and tyreese.

F2p complained for months that they dont have a revive, and how they couldn’t compete against p2p because of it. Now that scopely is giving one out, people are still complaining. Your right a single revive wont change much, but rather than wanting a way to combat the issue, f2p wanted to be apart of it. You might get a few defends against other f2p, but p2p will still destroy you. People wanted shield and revive and scopely are giving it to them. But unbeknownst to f2p, what they actually need are ways to fight againat revives and shields, like decap and disarm. When i was first starting out, a friend told me “attack will always beat defense, it all depends on who kills who faster.” Having a shield and revive will slow people down. But they aint going to help you defeat your opponents.

TLDR: more decaps and disarm


I don’t accept Alpha as being even close to widely available enough to count

She’s under the same crappy odds as Carl used to be, and I never got him. No reason to assume she’ll be any different for many if not most players

Ty is at least in the depot. Odds are very good you’ll see him


Some people are get lucky and pull alpha, some people are lucky and ty shows up in depo. If alpha doesnt count because she relies on RNG to get, tmthat applies to ty aswell.


In 2years i had Tyreese show only once.

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I can agree. I mean I have Alpha and she’s doing great, but this doesn’t change the fact that there are to few aviable, especially in Different Colours and aviable to all Players. And about the Disarm that’s also has become kind of ridicoulus. Green Bruce the first disarm was released almost a year ago.

I’ve been playing for 10 months, put quite a bit of $$$ into the game yet never got Tyrese, free or otherwise

Totally agree. We need more decaps. We have 4 decap toons (2 purely premiers not like the non premiers are easily available. Haven’t seen Ty in the depot for about 6 months. I do have him though) 4 premier disarm toons and probably 9 or 10 revives. The ratio is really lopsided especially with the number of revives in circulation

100% health reduction is a temporary decapitation. There are many toons who have it.


There are 4 decaps: Wayland Yellow / Sandy Red / Tyreese % Alpha


Skater Sandy Decaps too but then it changes in her 6 star for some odd reason

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How many are freeish?

And there are a few heal reduction toon which temporary stop reviving

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I wouldn’t complain about that, waste not is a pretty good skill for a character like her…

Same here. Also, haven’t seen the Gov since before he was made ascendable. Haven’t seen Andrea since before 6-stars were even a thing. Saw Glenn and Wanderer once.

The Depot is a rng based nightmare just like the wheels. They give you the illusion you might get something good but we all know it’s going to be another useless non-ascendable garbage toon week after week for some of us.

Now we don’t even get 5-star tokens as rewards for that small shot at a decent toon like Alpha because of all the bitching. Who here would rather have bailing wire and sandpaper instead of 5-star tokens?

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It applies, but the odds are different. Like the odds of winning a coin toss vs rolling a 20 in a d20.

Also, “1 piece of kryptonite” was supposed to be figurative. Notice I didn’t include a number for the Supermen at all. The idea is there’s very little balance.

Lots of revives. Few decaps.

That sucks. Not having Ty in this time out nightmare meta sucks even harder than this time out nightmare meta. :smirk:

It’s rough being f2p now. Almost to the point of the game being unplayable. Scopley close the gap.

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Yeah. I’d rather see the non ascendables removed from the depot. Or at the very least, put only the most useful 5s there. Kate, Eugene, etc

Agreed. There are a lot of things I would like to see improved but we know none of that will ever happen.

It’s all about pumping out a new op premiere recruit every week. It seems to be working. Two months ago it was kinda rare to see someone, even in a crw top 15, with two shields and 3 revivers. Now everyone has one. Scopley must be making a fortune.

I feel things are improving. The latest wheels and events have given me plenty to play with, and mods actually have made it easier to use weaker characters.

The free revive is also a very nice, very appreciated gesture. And even though I said a single revive is not able to do chains, I could see some practical applications for the character.

The problem I have is we’re being asked to fight these teams that don’t stay dead, unless we use these special characters… And we just don’t have many of those special characters.

More balance would be appreciated. More choices, more possibilities, more ways to avoid the frustration of seeing the results of the last 2-3 rounds undone in a few seconds