Revive Lydia f2p in museum


Literal single pull frm coin watching vids on her rel.


I do see Lydia being obtainable for f2p players in the future but since she is of high calibur, it would be most likely be done through the mercy of rng from a token event.

The only way it would pop in the museum would be something similar to this tire event with disarming bruce and decap sandy. Or something absurd that requires you to have a strong roster lineup.

As far as other F2p revives, I feel eric is the best option and he is a pretty good revive to have.

Solange I’m a bit disappointed with. Her ar is a bit slow and the biggest thing i don’t care about her, is her specialist skill. Hold the line is a bit redundant if revives tend to be the prime target from non-decap teams.

Season 2 League Sandy is great to use offensively to pull your team out of a tight spot. Her downfall is, due to her active skill having taunt in it, she quickly wastes it away on taunting rather to save it for revives only when used on defense teams.


Game hours for eric hmm lvl up and acend 4* what can it take ? 1 hour? Or if you only do ygl 1 week? Or if he shows up in depot buy him it takes 10 sec maybe

but offcorse you shud get 1 of the most powerfull caracters in the game for free (lydia or erika or gabrielle)

its only fair right? I mean ppl have spend lots of money for them so why dont piss them in the face and give every1 1 for free

Cose spending shudendt give you a advantage thats not the point of spending right ?


Imo if revive is an active skill it shouldn’t have any other crap with it that will trigger it besides a toon being dead. Scopley new what they were doing when they put taunt and revive together. Basically makes Sandy about useless in a revive spot on defense. If you have other revives then shes a bonus. If shes your only revive likely her active could be used up by taunt by time it is needed.


I agree with you.
As a f2p player, i wanted more revives since i had none atm.

I knew i was getting Solange, so i went with sandy to get more revives in my roster.

Later on i get shafted with Eric coming out for f2p. lol If i’ve known about Eric, i would’ve never invested in Sandy and might’ve left solange unascended since Eric is obtainable in the depot.

Sandy is still a good toon anyways.
For active use, she makes a good revive to have on hand. For putting her on defense, she is best treated as a taunter which she is good at and only that.


Lydia hasn’t been out for a year tho. Maybe they will make a new Blue Lydia


If we bug scopely enough theyll cater ive seen it before.


Rick will be the f2p that gives an automatic win after 3 turns


But why can’t it be on the first turn? Don’t be greedy, give us what we want.

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Fudgyti great like my last 6 pulls for lydia werent enough now i get to pay to fail. Augh anyone play state of decay time to unleash my rage with my superior shooting. Oh and looking forward to war and rewards.

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